Rob Renzetti's Mina and the Count is just an idea by me, Ralphie Saavedra, for a spinoff of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit Franchises and sixth installment of the 1978 film series, though taking place between Superman II and Superman Returns.
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Plot (Incomplete)

Directed by

Peter Jackson (Prologue and The Ghoul's Turbinal)

Bryan Singer (Playing a Hunch and everything else)

Tim Burton (My Best Friend and Frankenfrog - The Lame Prometheus)

Richard Donner (Interlude With a Vampire and The Vampire Who Came to Dinner)

Produced by

Ilya Salkind

Steven Spielberg

Robert Rodriguez

Denise Di Novi

Seth MacFarlane

Score by Howard Shore
Based on

Mina and the Count Created by Rob Renzetti

The Middle-Earth Series Created by J.R.R. Tolkien

Superman Characters Created by Jerry Sigel and Joe Shuster


Walt Disney Pictures

Paramount Animation

The Saul Zaentz Company

Salkind Studios (The Ilya Salkind Company)

Hanna-Barbera Productions (Warner Bros. Animation, Silver Pictures, Cartoon Network, and Turner Classic Movies)

Bad Hat Hary Productions

Frederator Studios

Village Roadshow Pictures

Nickelodeon Movies

Snarling Rat Productions (Skellington Productions, Troublemaker Studios and Amblin Entertainment)

New Line Cinema

Amalgam Studios (Marvel Studios and DC Entertainment)

Metro Goldwyn Mayer

Distributed by


Paramount Pictures

Warner Bros. Pictures/New Line Cinema Distribution

Prologue (Directed by Peter Jackson and Bryan Singer)

We open with a young european count named Vladmire Dingus about to die after being killed by a member of the antichrist using Kryptonite and The One Ring he stole fromSméagol (Gollum) in Middle-earth after he was revived. He then beheades the ring to his best friend Elisabeth, telling her that she must hide the ring for 2 centuries and that by then, someone will use it to turn him into a vampire. Oddly enough, what he prophecises happens.

Interlude With a Vampire (Directed by Richard Donner and Bryan Singer)

In December 1983, Elisabeth, now reincarnated as an extremely intellegent 7 year old she-wolf (who wishes to be a vampire and work alongside Kal-El the Superman, whom disguises himself as Daily Planet employee Clark Kent, whilst tracking him after his three year absence) named Mina Harker, has moved to Metropolis. One night, on a full moon, Vlad awakes his so-called "children of the night (bats and wolves)," which Mina happens to be a member of. Vlad then flies to the house of Mina, who is mistaken as Nina Parper by him. Vlad then hypnotizes her to drink the blood of her neck. Mina doesn't move anywhere near Vlad who finds out that he went to the wrong person's household. She then snaps and meets Vlad for the first time in 2 centuries. Mina then rejoices and tells Vlad that she is a reincarnation of Elisabeth. Minutes later, they start to jump rope and dump tea into the rivers of Metropolis. Vlad thirsts for blood and goes to The Myers Boarding House for Young Women to drink that of the women, faking Mina that they are going to play "hide and seek." However, Mina finds him along with evidence of Kal-El's existence and the owner of the boarding house, Virgina Myers, kicks the two out. Nicholas, Mina's father, finds Vlad playing stupid games with her, who introduces him to Vlad and tells him that he is her best friend. Nicholas tells her to go back to bed and that it is almost dawn, which then, Vlad returns to his castle, upset at Gollum and George E. Gore's biting schedule.

My Best Friend (Directed by Tim Burton and Bryan Singer)

A week later, Mina tells her classmates of her being a lycanthrope and about Vlad. They, along with school bully Nick, however, do not believe her and make fun of her. Later in the evening, she tells Vlad about the problem and asks him to have a talk with Nick. The next day, he finds Vlad in the gymnasium, who bites him. He tells the other students about the problem and the 5th piggy flees, leaving a talking gecko, a random man and an overall intellegent caveman to complain. After, we see the Geico logo and the Geico commercial announcer telling us that they will now advertise in Superman and J.R.R. Tolkien films and that this is their first to do so.

The Vampire Who Came to Dinner (Directed by Richard Donner and Bryan Singer)

July 1984: Vlad goes to his friend Victor Finklestein's lair for a stack party and plays "drink the beer." He takes a sip of Budwiser and wins another. Vlad is upset that he broke his promise to George and Gollum that he would not drink alcohol and what anyone tells him does not help. They then watch their filming of Le Grand Tour Du Le Cirque Du Soleil on VHS tape and before the white screen of death appears, the tape then transitions to a Statue of Liberty documentary that Mina taped for her history class. Vlad then suggests that they should "drink until Liberty is hot." They do so and the next day, Vlad sleeps in his blender. He, George and Gollum then have a conversation about the dilemma. After which, they then suggest that Vlad should go to Mina's household to eat dinner. The next night Vlad confesses that he is obsessed with garlic and is intrested in food that humans eat. Meanwhile, Mina is putting on makeup while calculating ways of how Superman left earth for 3 years in her laboratory/observatory. Her older sister, Lucy, however, confuses Mina's makeup with her's, but Mina shows her that her makeup is in her room. Vlad is welcomed into the house and Lucy bigins to have a crush on him. Nicholas is fascinated by Vlad's cape as he begins to hang it and turn on the local news reels. Vlad questions what to start with and Lucy suggests potato salad. Mina suggests Jell-o but Vlad eats both and enjoys, so, they then give him suggestions of what to eat and eats the food. They then argue about giving them garlic souffle or garlic and onion stew. Vlad listens to the conversation and deciedes to eat both. He becomes totally obsessed with both foods and while looking for more garlic, the news reel cast begins talking of a local bank robbery happening while they speak. Vlad and Mina head to the location of the robbery and start brawling with the robbers, and after Vlad pushes them off the building, he swoops down and saves the robbers, speeching to them he and Mina's new motto: Play chicken long enough and fry, BE chicken long enough and DIE. They are then taken to the Metropolis police who then arrest them. Nicholas then congratulates them for stopping a crime.

Frankenfrog - The Lame Prometheus (Directed by Tim Burton and Bryan Singer)

A month later, Vlad is fixing Mina's doll using electricity and the powers of darkness. He succeeds in repairing the doll and giving it life. The next day,

That night, Vlad sings a prayer to Mina in Quenya (Song: May it Be [Vlad's Prayer]) and we see a montage of Vlad and Mina's friendship (Song: Whenever).

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