Robbie as Paint Ident

Rupert as Blade Ident

Penfold as Neon Ident

Windor as Optics Ident

Fantomcat as Gorilla Shadow Ident

Gaomon as Powder Ident

Keef as Gorilla Tantrum Ident

Bolt as Dog Ident

Marlon as Car Ident

Sims as Water Ident

Ransome as Water Reflection Ident

Podgy as Diary Ident

Sims as Garden Ident

Tiger Lily as Swan Ident

Billy Blizzard as Zapper Ident

Falcon as Predator Ident

Kenneth as Duck Ident

MacDuff as Paint Pot Ident

Lindbergh as Copper Cut Out Ident

Soren as Firecracker Ident

The Dragon as Catalyst Ident

Pidgeotto as Balloon Ident

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