• Robbie as Jack Landors (Red Ranger) Number 1
  • Marlon as Sky Tate (Blue Ranger) Number 2
  • Rupert as Bridge Carson (Green Ranger) Number 3
  • Tiger Lily as Elizabeth "Z' Delgardo (Yellow Ranger) Number 4
  • Margalo as Sydney "Syd" Drew (Pink Ranger) Number 5
  • Dangermouse as Omega Ranger (Sam) (White Ranger)
  • Commander Samson as Commander Anubis "Doggie" Crugger
  • Mayor Matthews as Dr. Kathernie "Kat" Manx
  • Dr. Kawashima as Supreme Commander Fowler "Birdy"
  • Caractacus P. Doom as Emperor Gruumm
  • Marmagora as Mora/Morgana

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