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Version 1

  • Robbie as Wall-E
  • Tiger Lily as Eve
  • Dr Kawashima as The Captain
  • Penfold as Mo
  • Foodle Bird as Autopilot
  • Vile as Go-4
  • Professor Heinrich Von Squawkencluck as Hal
  • The Gremlins as The Reject Robots
  • Fantomcat as Wall-A-Robots
  • The Plant as itself
  • Dangermouse as John
  • Sims as Mary
  • Jeffries as PR-T
  • Lindbergh as VN-GO
  • Kenneth as REM-E
  • Ransome as D-FIB
  • Macduff as VAQ-M
  • Simon & Barry as BRL-A
  • Bolt as BURN-E
  • Rupert as SUPPLY-R
  • Granny Goat as NAN-E
  • Falcomon as Steward Bots
  • Marlon as L-T
  • Wendor as TYP-E
  • Gaomon as HAN-S
  • Mr Incredible as Shelby Forthright
  • Dr Octopus as The Robot Claws

Version 2

  • Robbie as WALL-E
  • Tabs as EVE
  • Penfold as M-O
  • Dangermouse as Captain B. McCrea
  • Professor Heinrich Von Squawkencluck as Shelby Forthright
  • Agumon as Hal
  • Bolt as Auto
  • Vile as GO-4
  • Gaomon as John
  • Tiger Lily as Mary
  • Rupert as BRL-A
  • Fred as BURN-E
  • Jeffries as D-FIB
  • Cybermen as Steward Bots
  • Sims as PR-T
  • The Plant as itself
  • The Gremlins as REM-E Robots
  • Kenneth as SUPPLY-R
  • Soren as TYP-E
  • Macduff as VAQ-M
  • Lindbergh as VN-GO
  • Fantomcat as WALL-A
  • Evil Wheatley as The Robot Claws

Version 3

  • Macduff as WALL-E
  • Sims as EVE
  • Fred as-M-O
  • Rupert as Captain B. Forthright
  • Dr Kawashiman as Shelby Forthright
  • Armadillomon as Hal
  • Vile as Auto
  • Dim as GO-4
  • Robbie as John
  • Tiger Lily as Mary
  • The Professor Von Heinrich Von Squawkencluck as BRL-A
  • The Professor as BURN-E
  • Margalo as D-FIB
  • Marlon as HAN-S
  • Lindbergh as L-T
  • Biyomon as NAN-E
  • Dangermouse as The Plant
  • Lalmon as PR-T
  • Wendor as REM-E
  • Kenneth as SUPPLY-R
  • The King Bird as TYP-E
  • Gaomon as VAQ-M
  • Penfold as VN-GO
  • Bart Simpsons as WALL-A
  • Doom as Camera Steward Bot

Version 4

  • Bill Badger as WALL-E
  • Ottoline as EVE

Version 5

  • Robbie as WALL-E
  • Tiger Lily as EVE
  • Dangermouse as The Captain
  • Penfold as Mo
  • Vile as Go-4
  • Doom as Auto Pilot

Version 6

  • Dangermouse as WALL-E
  • Sims as EVE
  • Marlon as M-O
  • Robbie as Hal
  • Dr Kawashima as The Captain
  • Angry Kid as The Autopilot
  • Penfold as Go-4
  • The Cybermen as The Steward Bots
  • The Gremlins as VAQ-M
  • Lindbergh as John
  • Margalo as Mary
  • HAN-S AS Himself
  • Marlon as WALL-A
  • Claws as Themselves
  • Bill Badger as BURN-E
  • Vile as PR-T

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