he is on myspace! The real person, that is, who does magic to make the Muse of Robert go into the head of Rachele. He loves her and they are interwined spiritually through spells.

robert the person

robert doesnt like rachele and she does not know why. he used to comment on her myspace picture or blog or just in the comments section but then when she asked him if he wanted to go to a movie with her everything stopped and he lost any interest he had. robert is handsome and tall with nice long fingers. he has black long hair and he dyed it because it is usually brown. he has green eyes he says but rachele thought they were brown for some reason. he is emo according to one of his old commenters and he likes books and movies with themes of loneliness or dislocation such as Marquez or Murakami and the movies What Dreams May Come and Lost In Translation. The only one Rachele loves is what dreams may come in which she cried all three times she saw it so far.

robert the daemon

after meeting robert in real life robert also appeared as a voice in rachele's head. usually there is some incoherent gibberish but then it cleared and he was there telling her how much he loved her. call me robert he told her. and so she did. and whenever she tried to forget robert the person the daemon would cry until she brought him back to mind around her.

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