Biography of Robert Joselyn

Robert Joselyn served with Jack Lynch in the 1991 war as well as current war in 2004 when he served as his deputy battalion commander. Robert was born into a respected party family in 1965 and joined the Naval Infantry in 1983. Following his retirement as a Lieutenant Colonel he entered civil service as a District Police Chief for Capital City. Once Jack had been elected Supreme Leader for Life by the ruling council, he quickly nominated Robert for the position of First Deputy. The council approved the nomination to take effect on 1 February 2006. Those who have observed the working relationship between the two suggest that Robert is the more level headed of the two and frequently serves as Jack’s softer side when a friendly face needs to be seen. Robert attends most meetings with the ruling council as Jack’s representative. This has angered some on the council who view Jack’s preference to send a trusted confidant instead of attending the meetings himself, as a slap in the face to the council and as a further way of isolating and weakening it. Robert has stated that he has no political ambitions of his own and is happy to simply serve the state as long as it needs him. Robert maintains ties with the Capital City District Police and is a routine guest in the homes of the districts watch commanders. It is thought that he would like to return to the Capital City District Police if his expected re-nomination is declined by the ruling council when his term expires in 2010. That is a distinct possibility given the ruling council’s growing frustration with the cabinet.

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