SuperMalechi (talk) 15:53, October 18, 2014 (UTC)

Robert Kuiphoff Babyaits Jack would be made by SuperMalechi.


  • Roberts Dad: Robert, May I trust you to babysit Jack. He is 10 years old. And me and your brother are going to your grandparents' house.
  • Robert: Okay.
  • Jack: What are we going to do today?
  • Robert: Let's watch Thomas and Friends on PBS Kids at 11:30am!
  • Jack: Good.
  • Announcer: The Bubble Guppies Movie, rated G, now playing in theaters near you.
  • Jack: OMG! Bubble Guppies is in now in theaters! I would like to see it.
  • Robert: Ah, if this show is based off Family Guy, that's for babies and is made by Nickelodeon, so forget it.
  • Jack: C'mon! I cannot wait for it.
  • (at the movie line)
  • Jack: Can I have one ticket to see Bubble Guppies the Movie?
  • Ticket Manager: Sure! Have fun!
  • Jack: I cannot believe this! This movie is so much fun.
  • Robert: Ugh! Curse this! I am going to see the new Robocop!
  • (in another theater)
  • Robert: I like this movie, it's gonna be a remake of the original.
  • (2 hours later)
  • Robert's Dad: I hope Robert and Jack are seeing Bubble Guppies the Movie! Jack! Where the heck is Robert?
  • Jack: He left to see the new Robocop!
  • Robert's Dad: He's in big trouble. I will get Malechi. (Later) Robert! How dare you see Robocop?! That movie may be inappoperate and rated R.
  • Robert: Ah, but dad, Bubble Guppies is based off Family Guy, except it has a group of mermaids instead of a home family. Both of them are for little kids. Besides, I like Thomas and Friends, Big Bang Theory and Robocop better, and the new Robocop is less scary than horror films, and only PG-13. Plus I don't like watching Family Guy neither.
  • Malechi: Robert, Family Guy is actually an adult show. But, I don't care for it and Bubble Guppies neither. Though they're based off each other.
  • Robert: Pooh, who cares?
  • Robert's Dad: You know, you have to watch Bubble Guppies the Movie with Jack, but you did not! You're grounded for the rest of the day! Go home now!
  • Robert: Yes, dad. (sighs)

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