SuperMalechi (talk) 21:12, July 16, 2014 (UTC)

Since Robert Kypolf dislikes Rocko, he would've made a picture video about Duncan devouring him


  • Duncan: Ogh, Rocko's a smelly wee guy! That's it! I will beat him up! (puffs on the way to Rocko)
  • (he sees him)
  • Rocko: Hi, I'm Rocko.
  • Duncan: I'm Duncan! I will beat you up! (runs Rocko over. Then, he pushes a bomb on top of Rovko, exploding him into a cloud of steam) Yay!! Rocko is gone!!
  • (back at the sheds)
  • Mr. Percival: Duncan! You have caused a great deal of trouble! You've beaten up Rocko!! He is one of my Tv characters besides Dora!
  • Duncan: I'm sorry sir! Take off my punishment!
  • Mr. Percival: No! Rules are the rules! You will watch Rocko for the next two months!
  • Duncan: Two months?! Sir no you can't be serious!
  • Mr. Percival: I am serious, Duncan! This will teach you not to beaten up Rocko,!

NOTE: SuperMalechi actually likes Rocko's Modern Life.

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