Robert The Amazing Pro Star is a television series that premiered on September 13, 2003. It is created by Pikachufreak.


  • From the creators of Mucha Lucha and El Tigre, the show resolves on Robert Hanson (voiced by Tom Kenny). He lives at home with his older sister Patricia Hanson (voiced by Stephanie Morgenstern) and his parents Julie Hanson (voiced by Jennifer Hale) and Ronald Hanson (voiced by Derek Stephen Prince). He has a crush on Elizabeth Edwards (voiced by Katie Griffin) whose pet cat, older brother and mother are Martin (voiced by Marty Grabstein), Jacob Edwards (voiced by Yuri Lowenthal) and Holly Edwards (voiced by Candi Milo) and is best friends with Barney Anderson (voiced by Frank Welker) whose pet dog, older sister and father are Clark (voiced by Fred Newman), Miranda Anderson (voiced by Susan Roman) and Zack Anderson (voiced by Quinton Flynn). He also has a rivalry with Alexander Brooks (voiced by Rino Romano) whose older sister and mother are Annie Brooks (voiced by Andrea Baker) and Susie Brooks (voiced by Cheryl Chase). Premiering on September 13, 2003, the series is a production of Joe Murray Productions, Peter Hannan Productions and Warner Bros. Animation. It is currently in its 11th Season and shown on Cartoon Network.


  1. Robert Hanson
  2. Patricia Hanson
  3. Julie Hanson
  4. Ronald Hanson
  5. Elizabeth Edwards
  6. Martin
  7. Jacob Edwards
  8. Holly Edwards
  9. Barney Anderson
  10. Clark
  11. Miranda Anderson
  12. Zack Anderson
  13. Alexander Brooks
  14. Annie Brooks
  15. Susie Brooks


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