• Dumbo - Robespierre (Gay Purr-ee)
  • Timothy Q. Mouse - Tutter (Bear in the Big Blue House)
  • Mrs. Jumbo - Mewsette and Jaune Tom (Gay Purr-ee)
  • Ringmaster - Her Zeller (The Sound of Music)
  • Mr. Stork - Big Bird (Sesame Street)
  • Elephant Catty - Celia Mae (Monsters, Inc.)
  • Elephant Giddy - Neera (Dinosaur)
  • Elephant Prissy - Maggie (Home on the Range)
  • Elephant Matriach - Mme. Rubens-Chatte (Gay Purr-ee)
  • Skinny - Fredrich Von Trapp (The Sound of Music)
  • Jim Crow - Woody (Toy Story)
  • Preacher Crow - Rex (Toy Story)
  • Fat Crow - Hamm (Toy Story)
  • Straw Hat Crow - Buzz Lightyear (Toy Story)
  • Glasses Crow - Slinky Dog (Toy Story)
  • The Pink Elephants - Themselves
  • The Crowns - Themselves
  • Casey Jr as Itself

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