Disney's Robin Hood (2010)


  • Robin Hood (a fox)
  • Maid Marian (a vixey)
  • Little John (a bear)
  • Friar Tuck (a badger)
  • Prince John (a tiger)
  • Sir Hiss (a snake)
  • Rhinos Guards (a rhinos)
  • Neewjawrhino (a rhinoceros)
  • Juxey (a pelagric)
  • Otto (a dog)
  • Captain of the Crocodile (a alligator)
  • Geriger (a warthog)
  • Dernking (a ram)
  • Switched (a donkey)
  • Wolves Guards (a wolfs)
  • Wached (a kitten)
  • Gera (a bulldog)
  • Arn-a-Dale (a rooster)
  • Swed (a wolf)

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