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  • Sir Ector (from The Sword In The Stone) as Garfield
  • Little John as Odie
  • King Richard as Jon
  • Widow Tweed (from The Fox And The Hound) as Liz
  • Happy (from Snow White) as Nermal
  • Lady Kluck as Penelope
  • Robin Hood as Orson
  • Sir Kay (from The Sword In The Stone) as Roy
  • Adult Todd (from The Fox And The Hound) as Wade
  • Skippy as Booker
  • Adult Copper (from The Fox And The Hound) as Sheldon
  • Allan-A-Dale as Bo
  • The Queen (from Snow White) as Lanolin
  • Amos Slade (from The Fox And The Hound) as The Weasel
  • Prince John as The Fox
  • Trigger as Wart
  • Nutsy as Mort
  • Sheriff of Nottingham as Aloysius
  • Sis as Cloe
  • Friar Tuck as Plato

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