Regular Show Parody and Robin Hood Clips

Version 1


Skippy as Mordecai

Maid Marian as Margaret

Grover from (Sesame Street) as Rigby

Father Sexson as Benson

Little John as Skips

Swanky from (Pet Alien) as Pops

Kuzco Llama from (the Emperor's New Groove) as Muscle Man

Hamton J Pig from (TTA) as High Five Ghost

The Big Jet from (Little Einstiens) as Ello Gov'nor

Sausages as Themself

Version 2


Father Sexton as Mordecai

Furrball from (TTA) as Rigby

The Big Jet from (Little Einstiens) as Benson

Sheriff of Nothingham as Skips

Chief from (The Fox and The Hound) as Pops

Lucy from (Peanuts) as Margaret

Version 3


Grover from (Sesame Street) as Mordecai

Wendy from (Peter Pan) as Margaret

Father Sexton as Rigby

and more

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