The undeclared civil war between the Corporate Hegemony and a loose confederation of human rights and environmental activists scattered among the colonial worlds. The Rebellion was sparked by the Joshua Sinclair speech to the Charter Convention of 2810 CE and continued until the General Amnesty of 2857 and the election of the first Constituent Assembly.

The Rebellion flared to life again in 2920 CE when the Charter Convention disbanded and arrested the members of the sixth Constituent Assembly. The Rebellion raids eroded the tax payments to the United Nations on Ceres that the General Assembly called for the Hegemony to replace the Executive Board and to reinstate the Constituent Assembly. The Board was replaced in 2974 CE and the Seventh Constituent Assembly was convened at the Charter Convention of 2980CE. The Rebellion became a Hegemony-wide civil war in 3060 CE after the Visitation at Gotha 4. At Gotha 4, Joshua Sinclair spoke to a crowd gathered at a Colonial Football Cup Finals. He expressed his deep sadness over the loss of his brother James Stewart Sinclair and the need to balance the wrong and chaos caused by the Hegemony to the body of human civilization.

The Rebellion was victorious over the Corporate Hegemony in 3228 CE when control of over sixty-six percent of the colonial worlds had been wrested from the Corporations and turned over to democratically elected local governments. The United Nations, having sensed a growing trend, voted to rescind the Corporate Charter in 3230 CE and manumitted the Colonies as free and independent states.

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