Robin Hood Throws a Tantrum (A Robin Hood, Alice in Wonderland, Bambi, Rolie Polie Olie Crossover)

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  • Robin Hood
  • Maid Marian
  • Little John
  • Skippy
  • Olie
  • Zowie
  • Billy
  • Olie's Mom (cameo)
  • Olie's Dad (cameo)
  • Alice
  • Mad Hatter
  • Thumper
  • Flower
  • Narrator


  • Narrator: One day, Robin, Maid Marian, Little John, and Skippy go to the video game store that is. When Robin saw a 1994 Genesis of Sonic the Hedgehog 3, but it happened.
  • Robin Hood: Can I have it now? NOW?!
  • Maid Marian: No, Robin, and it's a phony.
  • Little John: Yeah, yeah, I don't want hear about it.
  • Robin Hood: But... but... but... (starts crying and bawls) WAAAAAAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA!!!!
  • Little John: (grumbles to himself) Cry, cry, weep, wail and sob! It's not good enough!
  • Skippy: Little John, stop acting like Kirby from The Brave Little Toaster.
  • Narrator: The next day, we went to the video store where it is.
  • Robin Hood: Oh, look! It's a 1992 VHS of the Rescuers! May I have it?
  • Little John: Sorry, Robin. You can't afford bad a price.
  • Robin Hood: Nooooooooooooo!
  • Robin Hood: No! No! No!
  • Alice: Hey, what are you doing?
  • Robin Hood: Stop! This can't be happening!
  • Alice: No.
  • Mad Hatter: You are under arrest, Robin!
  • Flower: I get the wrap it up my toilet paper.
  • Thumper: Sure.
  • Robin Hood: (muffled) Help!
  • Narrator: Later, at that dodgeball gets Robin and Friends.
  • Olie: You shouldn't be quick about, Robin.
  • Billy: One... Two... Three!
  • Olie and Billy: CHARGE!
  • Maid Marian: Oh, no!
  • Little John: Robin! No!
  • Thumper: Look out!
  • Robin Hood: (falls off cliff) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  • Olie: TA-DA!
  • Mad Hatter: Cut! Robin, what happened?
  • Zowie: What's the matter?
  • Olie: We were worried about you!
  • Skippy: You gave us a real scare, pal.
  • Mad Hatter: Skippy, stop acting like Radio from The Brave Little Toaster.
  • Robin Hood: Aaah! It's me, Alice!
  • Alice: Are you OK, Robin? I know it's a 15 days.
  • Robin Hood: NOT 15 DAYS!
  • Alice: YES, 15 DAYS!
  • Robin Hood: How can you stay for?
  • Flower: Uh, 15 days. Good bye.
  • Mad Hatter: OK, guys? Wanna watch of The Rescuers?
  • Everyone: Yes.
  • Maid Marian: Oh my goodness, I lost her Robin.
  • Little John: What did you say?
  • Thumper: Uh, it is over?
  • Everyone: Yes.

Air Date

  • February 15, 2012

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