Roger and Anita are having a wedding priest do you Roger take Anita as your wife Roger i do priest and do you Anita take Roger as your husband Anita i do priest i prounounce you man and wife you may kiss the bride and they get married and have children Alice Christopher Robin and Pinocchio and a cocker spannel named Lady and Alice tells Christopher Robin and Pinocchio stories of Robin Hood and Lady takes Robin Hoods shadow as soon as she sees him at the window and Alice puts Robin Hoods shadow away in a dresser draw and Roger and Anita are getting dressed for a party Anita Roger dear do hurray we must not be late for the party Roger Anita unless i find my cuplings we dont go the party and if dont go to the party i can never show my face in the office again and if can never and he bumps his head on a dresser draw and Alice is making up beds and Lady is taking the tonic and Christopher Robin and Pinocchio are playing Robin Hood vs Prince John Christopher Robin blast you Robin Hood Pinocchio take that give up yet Prince John give up Christopher Robin never ill teach you to cut off me tail Alice um Christopher he got a new tail installed Christopher Robin oh i did not know that thank you Alice and Roger comes in and everything changes Roger its time for Alice to have a room of her own and also im putting Lady outside nomore dogs for nursemaids in this house and Roger chains Lady up outside and Lady is gloomy Roger dash it all Lady dont look at me like that nothing personal youre not really nurse at youre well a dog and the children are not puppies theyre people and sooner or later Lady people have to grow up and Anita tucks Alice Christopher Robin and Pinocchio in bed Alice but mother i dont want to grow up Anita now Alice dont worry about it anymore tonight Christopher Robin he called Robin Hood absolute poppy cock Anita im sure he didint mean it father was just upset Pinocchio poor Lady out there all alone Anita nomore tears Pinocchio its a warm night shell be allright Pinocchio mother Anita what is it dear Pinocchio burried treasure Anita now children dont judge your father too harsly after all he really loves you very much and she is about to close the window Alice oh dont block mother he might come back Anita who might come back Alice Robin Hood i have his shadow in the dresser after taking it from Lady and than Roger and Anita are headed to the party Anita Roger darling you think the children will be safe without Lady Roger safe of course they will be safe why not Anita well Alice said something about a shadow Roger shadow whos shadow Anita Robin Hoods Roger Robin Hood that is make beileve how can we expect the children to grow up and be practical and youre just as mad as they are and they head to the party and Robin Hood appears on the roof top with Ariel as Tinkerbelle they enter the nursery room and find his shadow and Alice sows his shadow back into him Robin Hood thank you young lady for helping me with my shadow what might your name be Alice my name is Alice Robin Hood Alice pretty name Alice thank you but this is only night im gonna get to see you Robin Hood why Alice becuse tomorrow i have to grow up Robin Hood grow up no way come with me to neverland nobody grows up there and suddenly Christopher Robin and Pinocchio awake Pinocchio hi Robin Hood im Pinocchio Christopher Robin im Christopher Robin how do you do and he sprinkles pixie dust on Alice Christopher Robin and Pinocchio and they fly to neverland and in the sea in neverland is a pirate ship with rough mangey Rhino pirates the Rhino pirates oh a Rhinos Life is a wonderful life roving over the sea give me a career as buckaneer life of a rhino for me oh life of a rhino for me and they throw dagger at the Prince John target they drew oh a rhinos life is a wonderful life they never burry your bones when its all over a jolly sea rover drops in his right baby toes oh and the first mate Sir Hiss the snake walks out to greet the crew Sir Hiss good friend davey jones good morning crew and the rhino gaurd grabs Sir Hiss by his neck and whats good about it Sir Hiss the rhinos here are are collecting barnacles on this misreable island while his majiesty plays ring around the rosie with Robin Hood Sir Hiss i give up the Rhino cheif you ought to be careful with business of looting ships and we almost forgot how to skin the throat one day to Prince John who sailed the seven seas see and Sir Hiss sticks his tounge at them and slither to greet the captain Prince John the captain is furouis with Robin Hood hes plotting to kill him Prince John blast that Robin Hood if i could only locate his hideout ill trap him in his lair but where could it be not mermaid lagoon already searched that and not cannonball cove wait a minute the indain camp they can tell me hmm i wonder Sir Hiss good morning PJ Prince John i got it Maid Marrain Hiss Sir Hiss Maid Marrain PJ Prince John Frair Tucks daughter she will know Robin Hoods hideout Sir Hiss are you sure she will tell you PJ Prince John a little persatuion can be an order now let me see bowl her in oil kill her send her drowning but his scheme is interuppted by Kaa Kaa a snakes life is a wonderful life youll find adventure and sport but everything in it for all that is in it the life of a snake is short oh la la and Prince John pulls the trigger on his gun and shoots Kaa making him splash into the sea also splashing Sir Hiss Prince John now let me see where was i Sir Hiss oh dear dear Prince John shooting that snake in the middle of his condender it aint good form you know Prince John good form Sir Hiss blast good form did Robin Hood show good form and he cut my tail off not to mention i had to replace it with a brand new one Sir Hiss but PJ cutting off your tail was just a prank Prince John he did worse than that Hiss he cut it in half and fed to two sneaky crocodiles named Brutus and Nero those pesky reptiles loved how my old tail tasted they followed me everywhere i went licking their chops for the rest of me and Sir Hiss takes off Prince Johns crow and lays him down towards the sea Sir Hiss you know PJ they would have had you but luckily i fed them each alarm clocks so can know when they are coming and tick tock nose is heard the two crocodiles Brutus and Nero are swimming towards Prince Johns ship and appear out of the water and rub their bellys and lick their lips and snap at Prince John Prince John Hiss save me dont let them eat me please Hiss save me save me Sir Hiss now see here you crocs you should be ashamed trying to eat the poor captain prince now go sho sho get out of here go on out and Brutus and Nero frown and swim back to the river that flows into Crocodile Creek Prince John are they gone Hiss Sir Hiss yes PJ theyre gone i took care of it the coast is clear Prince John but Hiss i cant stand it any longer i cant mommy and he sucks his thumb Sir Hiss take it easy Sire what you need is hypnoses that will help you forget about Robin Hood and he hypotises Prince John oh no none of that none Nusty Robin Hood ahoy Prince John what where at Nutsy he just now entered neverland and Prince John looks through his telescope and spots Robin Hood with Alice Christopher Robin and Pinocchio squaggle me eyes it is Robin Hood headed this way with those scurvy brats Sir Hiss pive up the crew Sir Hiss aye aye Sire pive up the crew all hands on deck and the gaurds enter and light the cannons Prince John say your prays Robin Hood and Robin Hood Alice Christopher Robin and Pinocchio park on a cloud Alice oh Robin it what i always dreamed it would be look Christopher theres mermaid lagoon Christopher Robin by george and the indain camp Pinocchio oh look there Prince John the pirate and cannons fire Robin Hood look out quick Fairy God Mother take Alice and the boys to the island ill stay here and draw Prince Johns fire John you codfish over and a cannon fires at him but misses Prince John drat Robin Hood always foils my plans Sir Hiss sire didint you say you would kidnapp Maid Mairen Prince John i did come on Hiss lets go capture her and they kidnap Maid Mairen and King Richard finds her missing King Richard Maid Mairen is missing guards go catch the lost boys they kidnapped Maid Mairen they the guards head off find them and Alice flies into the forest Alice wait Fairy God Mother we cant keep up with you wait

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