tristan's parody of Disney's Aladdin

Cast of Characters:

  •  Tristan nickname robladdin(Tristan moive) - Aladdin
  • pocyo series( pocyo ) - abu
  • eily (pocyo) - Elephant Abu
  • Starfire (Teen Titans go) - Princess Jasmine
  • pluto (mickey mouse series) - Rajah
  • sam I am (green eggs and ham) - Genie
  • teic (tristan moive) - The Magic Carpet
  • The Cave of Wonders as big Donald Duck
  • Mario (Super Mario .) - The Sultan
  • raven (Teen Titans go) - Jafar
  • old raven (teen titans go) - Old Jafar
  • malicent dragon (Sleeping beuty.) - Snake Jafar
  • raven demon (teen titans go) - Genie Jafar
  • cockroches's (oggy and the cockroaches )  - Iago
  • jack (oggy and the cockroaches) - Gazeem the Thief
  • green bird ( only green eggs and ham living books versoin) - Peddler
  • cat in a hat (Green eggs and ham) - Razoul
  • woman and kid father, sailor, and condter (Green eggs and ham) - The Guards
  • fox (green eggs and ham) - Prince Achmed Goat(green eggs and ham ) - Omar, The Melon Seller
  • Sam (greeN eggs and ham) - Farouk, The Apple Seller
  • varsions pathos and caterpillars - Townsfolk

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