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In the Robotech universe [1], that universe's version of Earth has been visited by Transdimensional Void Runners from the A.I.-ruled Earth in the universe of the Empire of the Solar Throne and the alternate-Earth nation of the Empire of the Itinerate Tree Dweller during the time of the occupation by the Invid [2].

Now that the Invid have been chased from this version of Earth, Admiral Rick Hunter's Robotech forces, equipped with energy weapons, mecha, and spacecraft; now have to contend with A.I. robots from one world and soldiers from the Empire of ITD, both from extradimensional versions of Earth, wanting the Flower of Life and Protoculture. The A.I.s from the universe of the Empire of the Solar Throne and forces from the parallel-universe nation of the Empire of ITD are also rivals of each other, so this battle is basically three-way.

Have the Invid Become Trandsdimensional Void Runners???

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