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tomarmstrong14's movie spoof version of Topsy and Tim


  • Robyn Starling (aka Queen Guirevere) as Topsy
  • Sir Wart (aka King Arthur) as Tim
  • Geroge (aka The King of camplot) as Jordan Rooke - Topsy and Tim's Daddy
  • Joan (aka The Queen of camplot) as Emily Rooke - Topsy and Tim's Mummy
  • The Baby (aka The King and Queen of Camplot)
  • Jamie Greenwood (Magilla Gorilla, T,JyE Rooke) as Thomas Rooke - Topsy and Tim's Uncle
  • Alice Rooke (Magilla Gorilla, T,JyE Rooke) as Rosie Rooke - Topsy and Tim's Auntie
  • Ogee's Mum (Magilla Gorilla) asTopsy and Tim's Grandmother
  • Ogge's Dad (Magilla Gorilla) as Topsy and Tim's Grandfather
  • The Wildcat (Tale Spin) as Jamie Greenwood - Topsy and Tim's Grandaddy
  • Kitty Katswell (TUFF Puppy) as Alice Rooke - Topsy and Tim's Granmummy
  • and more

Clip Used

  • The Sword in the Stone - (C) Disney
  • Tom and Jerry - (C) MGM and H-B
  • TALESPIN - (C) Disney
  • TUFF Puppy - (C) NICK
  • And More - (C) Non Disney and Disney
  • Audio - (C) BF, T,JyE Rooke, TVE, HTV, HB and VCI

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