• Chanticleer - Miles Tails Prower [Sonic X the Movie]
  • Edmond (as a human form) - Young Blu [Rio]
  • Edmond (as a kitten form) - Dumbo [Dumbo]
  • Patou - Simba [The Lion King]
  • Peepers - Cinderella [Cinderella]
  • Snipes - Donald Duck [Mickey and Friends]
  • Goldie - Sailor Moon [Sailor Moon]
  • Stuey - Baloo [The Jungle Book]
  • The Farm Animals - Various Dumbo & The Lion King
  • Edmond's Mom as Snow White [Snow White]
  • Edmond's Dad as Prince [Snow White]
  • Edmond's Brothers as Tigger and Piglet [Pooh]
  • The Grand Duke of Owls - Megatron [Transformers]
  • Tornado - The Stray Dogs [Lady and The Tramp]
  • Hunch - Starscream [Transformers]
  • Owls Villains - Decepticons [Transformers] and
  • Pinky - Sideshow Bob [The Simpsons]
  • Bouncers from Rock A Doodle - Settlers [Pocahonats]

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