This is the Dr. Robotnik will defeat by the ball slam. Sonic gets win the game, but Tails was lose the game! But rescue her Tails.


  • Dr. Robotnik - Pooh
  • Sonic - Piglet
  • Knuckles - Rabbit
  • Vector - Tigger


  • (Cut to: Launch Base inside the storm, with the ball slam his Dr. Robotnik.)
  • Dr. Robotnik: Don't worry, Sonic. You are hate this guys, because this is not!
  • Vector: Nooooooooooo!
  • Sonic: Oh no! That looks Vector! (Knuckles screaming) And Knuckles, don't Robotnik, don't let go!
  • Dr. Robotnik: Don't worry, Sonic! I can't let go, I'm not hanging on! (Sonic gets angry with the spin attack, but take off your hands) Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!! (The lightning bolts and a shattered will spike-head bomb to afterwards.)
  • Sonic: Aw, crap! (He turns, to the sky is blue) Not if he left alone! YAY! I FINALLY KILLED EGGMAN! YOU WIN! (Sonic get off the airship) I wanna go to pick yourself. (cries) No! This can't be! (stops crying)
  • Vector: (body slam) Yee-haa!
  • Sonic: (Vector comes down to the floor) Vector?
  • Vector: (crashed) Sonic, you've save me!
  • Sonic: Go get find Knuckles.

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