Rock is Fiark's best friend. He was a former Next-Leader of the 6th Leuge in the Black Army.


Rock was found in the desert when he was 6 years old by Kain. Already back then, Rock had strength like a bull. He killed a clan called Konai-Clan. Kain trained Rock and later he was an Elite of the 6th Leuge in the Black Army. Rock needed partners, so he could pick two randoms to join. He first choose the Flame Dragon Goku, the slave of the Flame Temple. He rescued Goku, and later he joins Rock. The next target is Thunder, another slave from another temple. Goku, Rock and Thunder.

Season 1

Fiark's Hotel

Rock, Thunder and Goku appear outside Fiark's hotel. They are trying to capture him for the Black Army, so they start fighting. Fiark first kills Goku ad after that Thunder. Rock enrages and runs against Fiark. Right before Rock hits him, Mizu and Hutz comes to rescue. Rock flees, and arrives at the Black Lair, the main lair for the Black Army. He talk's to Black about the mission. Black tells him to go over to the 4th Leader Murofor a while. Rock agrees. Later he thinks back of when Rock, Thunder and Goku got friends. He also mentions that he feels bad for Fiark.

Black Lair

After the huge war between Fiark and the 4th, 5th and 6th Leuge was over, Rock told Black how the war ended and what happened.

Season 2

The 4th Leuge

1 year after the war, Rock was sent on mission from Kain to kill the whole 4th Leuge. Rock comes to rescue when he sees Fiark fight Muro and almost die. Rock tells Fiark he was the one that saved Fiark in the war(The stone rain). Rock kills Muro(Creature Color), the 4th Leader, Lengthy(Length Color), the 4th Next-Leader and Hana(Flower Color), the best elite in the 4th Leuge. Rock leaves the place, and returns to Kain's Mansion in the deserts.

Kain's Mansion

Inside the mansion Rock meets Kain, and tells him about the mission. He also says that Fiark, Hutz and Mizu are outside the mansion. Rock also finds out Kain's evil plan and turns against him. He runs down to Fiark to ally whit him, but in the next second, Miko(Sand Color), the strongest elite in 6th Leuge battles him to death. Later, he activates his Kekkai Genkai Form 1 against Miko, but there' no effect. Later he loose his Kekkai Genkai and goes back to normal. Rock needs help, so Hutz and Mizu helps him. They kill Miko and after that, Rock discovers Kain charging at Fiark, so Rock dashes against Kain. Fiark and Rock fights Kain, but Kain is to strong. Kain activates his, not Kekkai Genkai, but his Super Form. Fiark's Kekkai Genkai get's stronger and turns to level 4, but even whit this, he loose. Fiark's anger opened a new level, the Fire Form. They kill Kain, and another victory goes for the Color Heroes.


Rock's powers: The Rock Color. He can summon rocks and mountains. He's most used jutsu is the Iwa Yado no Jutsu(Stone Lodge Teknique).

Major Battles

  • Fiark
  • Mizu and Hutz
  • 4th, 5th and 6th Leuge
  • Muro
  • Lengthy
  • Hana
  • Miko
  • Kain

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