Rock Music With the Sesame Street Gang Cover
Rock Music With the Sesame Street Gang is an hour long direct-to-video special featuring rock and roll music from Sesame Street. In this video Grover hosts an hour of Sesame Street rock music videos, with Prairie Dawn in the control booth. Released in 1997.


  • The Bicuspids sing "Kids Just Love to Brush" (EKA: Episode 2691)
  • The Count, dressed up as Elvis, sings "You Gotta Count My Blue Suede Shoes" (EKA: Episode 3368)
  • Smokey Robinson performs "U Really Got a Hold on Me" with a clingy letter U (EKA: Episode 2406)
  • The Ten Commandments of Health (EKA: Episode 1163)
  • Little Richard sings "Rosita," a song about feelings to Rosita (EKA: Episode 3265)
  • Little Chrissy and the Alphabeats sing "Count it Higher" (EKA: Episode 0670)
  • Rebel L (EKA: Episode 2432)
  • A greaser sings about his relationship that was almost ruined by a "One Way" sign (EKA: Episode 0973)
  • Cookie Monster and the Crumbs Unlimted Orchestra perform "Me Going to Munch You, Munch You, Munch You" (EKA: Episode 1858)
  • The Count sings "Little Miss Count Along" with Zoe (EKA: Episode 3465)
  • It's Hip to Be a Square (EKA: Episode 2615)
  • (I Can't Get No) Cooperation (EKA: Episode 1781)
  • Cookie Monster sings "Healthy Food" (EKA: Episode 2404)
  • Honk Around the Clock (EKA: Episode 2492)
  • Cookie Monster and The Beetles sing "Hey Food" (EKA: Episode 2640)
  • Grouch Girls Don't Want to Have Fun
  • Girl of the World (EKA: Episode 3744)
  • Exercise! (EKA: Episode 2797)
  • D-U-C-K-I-E (EKA: Episode 1957)
  • Cookie Disco (EKA: Episode 1093)
  • Kermit the Frog sings "Do-Op Hop" (EKA: Episode 2484)
  • Cereal Girl (EKA: Episode 2687)
  • Elmo's Jive FIve (EKA: Episode 2939)
  • I Want to Count (EKA: Episode 1576)
  • Monster in the Mirror - Celebrity Version (EKA: Episode 2876)


  • Exeucitve Producer: Nancy Kanter
  • Producer: Karin Young Shiel
  • Directed by: Emily Squires
  • Segment Directors: David Heeley, Robert Myhrum, Jon Stone
  • Written by: Christopher Cerf
  • Segment Writers: Tony Geiss, Ian Ellis James, Thad Mumford, Cathi Rosenberg-Turow, Adam Rudman, Nancy Sans, Norman Stiles
  • Starring: Jim Henson's Sesame Street Muppets, featuring Frank Oz as Grover and Cookie Monster, with Jerry Nelson, Fran Brill, Martin P. Robinson, Kevin Clash, David Rudman, Pam Arciero, Cheryl Blaylock, Camille Bonora, Lisa Buckley, Ed Christie, Mike Davis, Michael Huston, Jim Kroupa, Peter LInz, Rick Lyon, Noel MacNeal, Jim Martin, Joey Mazzarino, Brian Meehl, Kathryn Mullen, Carmen Osbahr, Bob Payne, Karen Prell, Mark Zeszotek, Richard Hunt, and Jim Henson
  • Special Appearances by: Cab Calloway, Little Richard, and Smokey Robinson, with Maria Conchita Alonso, Candice Bergen, Ray Charles, Chubby Checker, Glenn Close, Geena Davis, Tyne Daly, Bo Diddley, Roger Ebert, Charlayne Hunter-Gault, Whoopi Goldberg, Jeff Goldblum, Kadeem Hardison, Bo Jackson, Robert MacNeil, Lou Diamond Phillips, Kid 'n Play, Julia Roberts, Gene Siskel, Jeff Smith, Tracey Ullman, Blair Underwood, Malcolm-Jamal Warner, Robin Williams
  • Songs by: Maggie Bloomfield, Christopher Cerf, Larry Clinton, Sarah Durkee, Tony Geiss, Bill Gibosn, Buster Harding, Cheryl Hardwick, Sean Hopper, Paul Jacobs, Ian Ellis James, Sharon Lerner, Huey Lewis, Robby Merkin, Thad Mumford, Sam Pottle, Smokey Robinson, Cathi Rosenberg-Turow, Adam Rudman, Nancy Sans, Norman Stiles
  • Production Designer: Victor DiNapoli
  • Music Director: Robby Merkin
  • Associate Director: Ken Diego
  • Technical Director: Ralph Mensch
  • Lighting Director: Mitchell Bogard
  • Sound Effects: Dick Maitland
  • Audio: Blake Norton
  • Video: Tim Cereste
  • Camera: Frank Biondo, Dave Driscoll
  • Special Thanks to: Dulcy Singer, Marjorie Kalins, Cher Jung, Tim Carter, Becky Mancuso-Winding, Sharon Lerner

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