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The evil Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa were thinking up an evil plan to destroy the Power Rangers. They developed a monster named Rocket Robo. Rocket Robo was a powerful transformer. As this was happening, a city bus was driving along the road. A blob of white crème was on the bus with many passengers, including a teenage boy with a baseball cap, a mother and her baby son. A black middle-aged bus driver was driving the bus. The bus driver picked up 2 cookies! The 2 cookies headed for the creme! 1 cookie said "Excuse me!" and the other cookie said "Pardon me, buddy!" and they squashed the creme into a CremeWich! The 2 cookies and the creme then started to sing the "Squeezed in the Middle" jingle! The bus driver and the others joined in! The baby boy wrested free of his mother's hold and took a bite out of the cookie! The cookie said "Hey! He bit me!" Rocket Robo appeared and fired 4 missiles at the bus. The 4 missiles hit the bus, causing it to go out of control. Everyone screamed. The bus went off a cliff and crashed into the ground. The bus burst into flames and killed the bus driver and everyone else. The mayor of Angel Grove said “This is an outrage!” Zordon and Alpha 5 summoned the Power Rangers to the Command Center. The Power Rangers teleported to meet the Mayor. The mayor said “Where are the Power Rangers?” The White Ranger said “We’re here, Mayor!” The Power Rangers confronted Rocket Robo and White Ranger told Rocket Robo “You’re going down!” The Rangers said “We need Thunder MegaTigerFalconzord power, now!” Thunder MegaTigerFalconzord swooped into action! Thunder MegaTigerFalconzord battled Rocket Robo! With a mighty strike of the Zord’s sword, Rocket Robo was destroyed! Thunder MegaTigerFalconzord then went to the Moon Palace and attacked Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa! Thunder MegaTigerFalconzord destroyed the moon palace and killed Lord Zedd and Rita! It was a glorious victory for all that was good!

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