Rockingham County is represented by a five-member county commission. Currently there are three Democrats and two Republicans. With no Libertarians because the State of North Carolina does not allow any party other than Republicans and Democrats to be on the ballot.

The county has a very popular Republican Sheriff, Sam Page, the first Republican Sheriff to be elected since World War II. An equally popular Democrat serves as Clerk of Court, J. Mark Pegram. Both are unopposed in this year's election.

One of the hottest races in the state is incumbent District Attorney Belinda Foster, a Democrat, against newcomer Phil Berger Jr., son of state Senator Phil Berger, house minority leader.

There are 16 folks running for 5 newly created at-large seats on the Rockingham County School Board. There are currently 8 members and that number will increase to 13 then back down to 11 after the 2008 elections.

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