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A rock.

In popular culture

  • Saint Peter is quoted as having a nickname "the rock".
  • Dwain Johnson is also known as "the rock".
  • The sport of curling is played with a type of "rock".
  • Cavemen in the stone age used rocks.
  • In protests, protesters sometimes throw rocks.
  • In the game Pokemon, "Rock Throw" is a move where the pokemon throws rocks.
  • Ernest T. Bass threw rocks on the Andy Griffith show.
  • Palestine government officials encourage throwing rocks.
  • Google has about 813,000,000 results for "rock".
  • Rock is also a term for a genre of music created by throwing rocks at angry bassists.
  • T.S. Eliot created a play (which sucked) called "The Rock".
  • Newfoundland in the awesome world of Canada is considered to be on a rock.
  • Burmuda is sometimes referred to as a rock.
  • James Bond drinks straight whiskey "on the rocks". Shaken, not stirred.

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