Roddy St. James
Roderick "Roddy" St. James (12th October 1996) is the main protagonist in Flushed Away, he is a fictional mouse flushed away into the sewers, he is voiced by Hugh Jackman

On November 3rd 2006, a rat from the sewers named Sid flushed away Roddy down the toilet into the sewers and Roddy became the hero of the sewers later on

Born: 12th October 1996

Goal: To get back to Kensington
Roddy and Rita Arguing Over The Fake Ruby

Other names: Roderick (real name)

Millicent Bystander (by many Kensington rats)

Allies: Rita (girlfriend), Sid, Rats of the Sewers

Enemies: The Toad, Le Frog, Spike, Whitey

Fate: Rides the Jammy Dodger Mark II

Roddy St. James is a pet mouse owned by a girl named Tabitha who owns a cage and a holiday when the family are away, he meets an overweight lazy rat named Sid from the sewers, Roddy tries to get Sid to the bathroom to relax in the "jacuzzi" which is actually the toilet and Sid isn't fooled and flushes him away

Roddy meets the city in the sewers and asks who could help him get uptop and a pirate rat tells him that Rita might be able to help, however Roddy accidentally intrudes and later he puts his arm on the horn of the Jammy Dodger (not knowing it is) after Rita covers up the boat and tells him to be quiet causing The Toad's minions to arrive and intrude Rita's boat while Spike threatens Roddy to tell him where Rita's father's ruby is and Roddy finds out when Rita is hung upside down then Roddy, Rita and everyone else sails to the place of The Toad, The Toad shows Roddy his diverting collection of ornaments and the ruby is the latest one but when Roddy says he finds the collection amusing, The Toad is cross and Roddy walks back and accidentally breaks most of The Toad's collection meaning The Toad hates both mice and rats and orders Spike and Whitney to ice Roddy and Rita together but instead Whitney and Spike are iced and Roddy and Rita escape while Rita steals the master cable and uses it to escape (with Roddy holding onto her so he can escape too) and they get to a high place

Whitney however tries to use Spike in the same way as Rita uses the master cable but they fall towards the water while Rita (now wearing the master cable as a belt) shows Roddy how to get down clearly, Roddy however tries and slips on the toilet roll causing him to be injured many times by the other obstacles (and then a football as he gets down), Roddy runs away from Spike and Whitney chasing him, Roddy gets to a bridge as he sees Rita on her boat but Spike and Whitney make the bridge open but Roddy jumps off and onto the Jammy Dodger when he ends up with Rita's ruby

Roddy finds out the ruby is a fake and breaks it in front of Rita, Rita is angry at him for breaking the ruby (despite it being a fake) but Roddy makes a deal that if Rita gets him home to Kensington, Roddy will offer her a real ruby

Later Roddy has taken off his black shirt and gone to Rita's dangerous house, Roddy is invited in and Rita's grandmother is fond of the mouse, Rita's mother is going to take some bowls to the kitchen but Roddy offers to take them instead but then he hears Rita's brother's plan that they are going to sell him to The Toad and he steals the Jammy Dodger, then he gives Sid a surprise by phoning him but as Roddy gets angry and throws the phone into the water accidentally, the Jammy Dodger breaks down

Rita has caught up with Roddy on a duck and placed him on the duck with a guitair, Roddy however manages to hook the duck onto a rope on the back of Rita's boat and as Rita turns the record on, Roddy starts to sing with the slugs, Roddy is not forgiven when Rita places him back on the boat and so the Jammy Dodger's arm threatens Roddy until he tells her that he was thinking how lucky her family was and the deal is back on

Roddy helps Rita on the Jammy Dodger but it isn't long before Spike and Whitney are following them but in the end, Whitney and Spike's boat sinks and The Toad is cross at them again while it is night time back at the Jammy Dodger and Rita and Roddy are having supper and then they go to sleep but Roddy keeps saying goodnight to Rita in many ways and is then bitten by a bed bug, when Roddy wakes up, Rita has driven close to Kensington when Le Frog and his minions arrive and one of them puts on his phone and appears The Toad wanting back the master cable, Roddy distracts most of the frogs with a fly at 12:00 and all the frogs except Le Frog fight for the fly while Roddy starts to drive as Le Frog fights Rita but Roddy drives towards danger while 3 slugs arrive on the Jammy Dodger, the Jammy Dodger manages to grab onto a pipe near Kensington but Le Frog gets on it and counts to three in French as he kicks the Jammy Dodger so the hand will fall from the pipe, Le Frog gets the master cable from Rita and the Jammy Dodger falls as Le Frog kicks it the third time but the slugs find something that will bring them upwards while Roddy and Rita nibble something to turn it into a parachute and they fly in the air while Rita takes the cable from Le Frog, although the Jammy Dodger waves goodbye to Rita and drowns, while Roddy, Rita and the slugs reach Kensington and head to Roddy's house, Roddy then pays Rita an unbreakable ruby and an emerald and then shows Rita around, Rita thinks Roddy is alone in the house but Sid shouts goal and bursts into the room and is surprised to see Roddy, Roddy tries to pass Sid off as being called Rupert and being his brother but Sid and Rita know each other, Sid laughs at Roddy as he leaves the room, Rita persuades Roddy to come with her back to the sewers but he is too happy where he is, by now they have fallen in love but have not told each other their feelings, she departs them both broken hearted down the loo

Roddy goes to the TV room to find Sid watching football, Roddy tells Sid to move over and takes some of the drink until Sid tells him that he'll never make it till half time to which Roddy gives Sid his cushy position and Sid flushes him down the loo as they farewell

Meanwhile Roddy reaches the city in the sewers and rescues Rita on a balloon but then The Toad shoots the balloon and captures them both however Roddy and Rita manage to ice The Frog's minions and go to save the rats but the whistle goes for half time and Rita tricks The Toad into setting his foot on ice by chasing Rita and Roddy, with The Toad's tongue, he catches Rita and then attempts to catch Roddy in the same way but as his tongue is about to catch Roddy, Roddy moves in time and The Toad's tongue gets stuck in a mechanism and pulls him towards it, The Toad calls for Le Frog to attack Roddy but as Rita falls, Roddy uses Le Frog's tongue to save her, meanwhile ice comes down on the wave about to flush all the rats and stops in time, Roddy becomes a hero while The Toad and Le Frog are tongue tied around a mechanism

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