Roger Fox is the husband of Andy Fox and father to Peter, Paige and Jason Fox. According to the strip, he is forty-five years old and was born in Chicago, Illinois. Roger has also stated that he majored in English studies[1] at the fictional Willot College.[2]

His hobbies include golf[3] and chess, though he has talent at neither.[4] He often tries to involve his family in his interests, usually by taking them on vacations and taking them to golf courses where once Andy and Roger played 72 holes with a 6am tee off time .[5] He is also portrayed as being highly out of step with modern technology, especially computers.[6] Many strips also show that he is overweight and in poor physical condition; despite his wife's attempts to get him to eat healthy foods and exercise, he rarely does so. Of all his kids, Roger seems to have a special soft spot for his youngest, Jason. He is often shown buying Jason toys that are not necessarily suitable for him (examples include, but are not limited to, a GI Joe dart bazooka, a GI Joe rapid fire dart helmet,and a snow cannon), much to Jason's excitement and the rest of the family's agony (as they are often Jason's targets). This may be because Roger was a lot like Jason when he was a kid (in one strip, Roger shows Jason how to remove a Darth Vader helmet, and when asked how he knew how to remove it, Roger revealed, much to Jason's horror, that he himself was a Star Wars fan as a child who wore the same helmet to the premiere of The Empire Strikes Back.

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