[b]Surname[/b]: Vos [b]Given Name[/b]: Roilas *pronounced Roi-las [b]Known Aliases[/b]: Roilas Mann [b]Occupation[/b]:Martial Arts Master [b]Legal status[/b]: Alphredies [b]Criminal record[/b]: None [b]Race[/b]: 1/2 Miralukan 1/2 Kiffar [b]Gender[/b]: Female [b]Age[/b]: 23 [b]Place of Birth[/b]: Tattooine [b]Place of Residence[/b]: Alphredies [b]Former Place(s) of Residance [/b]: Tattooine for a few short months [b]Affiliation[/b]: Alphredies special police force Twilight Vanguard.

[hr] [b]Appearance What does your character look like? [/b]

[image noborder]Roilas.jpg[/image] [image noborder]Roilas2.jpg[/image]

[b]Height[/b]: 5' 9" [b]Weight[/b]: 120 lbs [b]Eye Colour[/b]: White *physically blind* [b]Hair[/b]: Burnette [b]Other Features[/b]:

[b]Clothing[/b]: Twilight Vanguard armor

[b]Uniform[/b]: See above

[hr] [b]Personality[/b]: Roilas is for the most part the opposite of her brother Korto. She grew up aware of her families legacy and the pain it has and can cause. She's dedicated herself to preventing it from happening to her, and thus never joined the jedi or the sith. She has a strong sense of justice like her brother but hers is a more colder application of it. Not as joivial or....casual as Korto can be. Has her weak moments, but they are few and far between. Very strong willed and independant. In most ways she exactly like her brother only a more cold and distanced version of what he could be.

[b]Known Relatives[/b]: Korto Vos *Arkanis Revan*, Grand Elder Mann [b]Father[/b]: Jacen Mann [b]Mother[/b]: Quistis Mann

[b]History[/b]: Roilas is Kortos fraternal twin *not identical*. Though they share many of the same personality traits. Roilas bares more of her mothers appearance save for her mothers purple hair. When Roilas and Korto's mother Quistis fell to the darkside and gave the children up to their grandfather on Alphredies Roilas was kept behind. Though force sensitive like her brother her power wasn't as strong as her brother so she was kept on Alphredies under watchfull eye of her grandfather.

Unlike Korto who had no idea about his past or his family, Roilas was told at a very early age about her families legacy and the damage it could mean if she were to follow the same path. Much as Korto did with becoming a jedi, Roilas made a stand against her families dark era by enlisting into the Twilight Vanguard. Alphredies' special police force. Since her enlistment was at such a young age she spent a great deal of time learning under her grand father. He would teach and tell stories of a time when the galaxy was a lot meaner and less forgiving for their kind.

Roilas soon became as stubborn and dedicated to her craft as Korto became with the jedi. The 2 children's resolve to stand up and become more then what thier parents had become was unifying and reassureing to the Miralukan community, but the people on Planet Kiffu were unimpressed and thus banned the Vos family until it was deemed they were worthy of return. This didn't affect Roilas in the least. She simply focused harder and harder on becoming the best officer in her unit.

Usually her interest in her family was kept at a minimum with a slight curiosity of what had happened to her jedi brother. Eventually answers came in the form of his visit to thier home planet with thier grand father summoned him home to help deliberate a territory dispute over space and mining. Though the area was uncharted Alphredies held the claim to the area. But the miners were with the Republic and thus since Alphredies had no represntation with the Republic the Jedi were asked to come and settle the dispute. Resolution came when her brother had not acted against the Miners in a vision that Elder Mann and Korto had shared in thier sleep over night. Roilas was then assured that her brother wasn't traveling the same dark path as her mother and her father before him.

After her brothers departure Roilas continued to hone her skill, and began practicing stealth techniques taught to them by Quinlan Vos her grandfather. With his aid she was able to help stop an insurrection plot against the Miralukan council members and prevent the province from falling. Thanks to her hard work and dedication peace had continued to reign on Alphredies. However it would not be shared elsewhere. Disaster struck when the Republic infiltrated and attacked the jedi forcing them into Exile. She sat by with worry as she waited impaitantly for word from the jedi or her brother that he was ok. Finally he arraived a little worse for the wear and slightly upset.

She felt bad that he didn't have the benefit of knowledge about thier family like she did. She watched from the corners as her grandfather told him about his mother and father and why he was sent to the jedi under a false name. It was then that she knew she would help him on his quest to set the wrongs in the galaxy right. Between his jedi and force skills and her Martial arts and police talents the two could finally begin to make things right. There was just one problem with her plan though. Korto didn't know he had a sister. She halfway introduced herself dureing her brothers last visit when she gave him his own Twilight Vanguard armor. But her Grandfather always worrying about hurting his feelings introduced her as a handmaiden. Which for lack of better words was true.

As Korto left Alphredies with a fresh demeanor Roilas was anxious to begin her journey as well. Once she had her grandfathers blessings she left for her own fighter so she could rendevouse with him on Kashyyk.

[b]Sample Roleplay[/b]:

Family. For the longest time that word hadn't meant a whole lot to Roilas at all. To her Family meant pain, suffering and death. Her father had died at her mothers hand, her brother had been sent to the jedi before she even got to know him and her mother was now outcast. All she had was her grandfather. He had been her father. Her family. That was it. Well....not entireally. All of the Voshtarr province was like a family to her indirectly. But there were few indeed who actually shared her last name.

After what seemed like eons though she finally had someone she could relate too. Her brother...he was so much like her. So headstrong, do dedicated, so stubborn. It made her smile as she powered up her Headhunter. The engine started slowly at first, as if labored and then gradually built in crecendo until she had to put on her helmet to keep from being defeaned by the power. "Soon brother." She wasn't sure why she was so compelled to reunite with him. Certain there would be another episode of distrust. Korto had been quite testy with grandfather until finally the pieces started clicking for him. It had to be hard for him, she guessed. Not knowing where one truely belongs to and where one came from. Something inside her drove her to ease his pain. To lighten the wieght on his shoulders. To face down the galaxy with him. And potentially....if fate allowed....confront her mother.

"for another time..." She mused as she lifted the Headhunter up and soared into orbit. Alphredies didn't manufacture its own star craft so she had to buy hers. She laid in a course for Kashyyk. Thats where she knew she would fine Korto. He was going to go find her other grandfather. The one that started thier legacy of pain. But to what end she wasn't sure, she knew Korto wasn't of an evil heart. Would he be seeking training? The same type she had recieved from him? That made more sense and sounded like something he would do. She had heard Grandfather Mann mention that her brother was something of a student when it came to learning. He loved it, which made her smile inwardly all the more. Someone she could finally relate to at last. She didn't absolutely follow the ideas of the force like her brother did. But she figured that maybe it was leading her to him. Bringing thier family together for one last reunion. Then, she could bring right the wrong her mother brought to them.

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