From the Journal of Roland Ashoff

On the night of the turning to a new year, I was ready to unveil the beverage that I wondered hopefully, would be acepted and appreciated by all.

The gathering in the Inn was large but I was not worried for I was surrounded by my family and my friends..

The first cask was tapped !! What nerves I had, not only were we attended by Lord Eckson but also Marya, Branzig and even old Cotter were there. Of them I knew that even if this was a rancid draught, there would be no ill-will my nervous tremblings was that in special attendance were three of our friend from the nearby mine, and Dwarves all !!

Even I, a simple farmer know of the drinking habits of the Dwarves, it's said to them it is a holy brew. I watched as Thorin Hammersong downed my brew in one large gulp...! He was silent for a minute or three, I confess I lost count, before uttering "Not bad....for a Human" The inn expolded in laughter and I was given many slaps to the back to celebrate. On that night our first signature brew "Eckland Winter Ale" was born.....

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