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Version 1

  • Olie's Dad as Mufasa
  • Olie's Mom as Sarabi
  • Olie as Young Simba
  • Zowie as Young Nala
  • Uncle Gizmo as Adult Simba
  • Miss Triangle as Adult Nala
  • Billy as Zazu
  • The Jollies as Timon and Pumbaa
  • Gloomius Maximus as Scar
  • Screwy as Banzai
  • Dicey as Shenzi
  • Spookie Ookie as Ed
  • Pollie Pi as Kiara
  • Wheelie as Kovu
  • The Galaxy Of Goofs as Hyenas
  • Baxter as Nuka
  • Penny (from The Rescuers) as Vitani
  • Pollie Anna as Ma
  • Pappy as Uncle Max
  • Little Green Dad and Olie as Lionesses

Version 2 (made by denyzka)

  • Dr. Neo Cortex (from Crash Bandicoot) as Mufasa (I know Dr. Neo Cortex was bad, Mufasa is good)
  • Miss Triangle as Sarabi
  • Polie Anna as Sarafina
  • Wheelie as Young Simba
  • Pollie Pi as Young Nala
  • Daffy Duck (from Looney Tunes) as Adult Simba
  • Lola Bunny (from Looney Tunes) as Adult Nala
  • Olie as Timon
  • Billy as Pumbaa
  • Olie's Mom as Ma
  • Olie's Dad as Uncle Max
  • Junior Littlegreen as Zazu
  • Gloomius Maximus as Scar (Both evil)

Version 3 (made by rupertmyprince)

  • Shrek (from Shrek) as Mufasa
  • Princess Fiona (from Shrek) as Sarabi
  • Olie as Young Simba
  • Olie's Dad as Adult Simba
  • Zowie as Young Nala
  • Olie's Mom as Adult Nala
  • Junior Littlegreen as Timon
  • Genie Littlegreen as Pumbaa

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