The first season contains 13 episodes and 39 segments.


  1. Little Sister, Big Bother / Through Trick and Thin / Bedlam
  2. Ciminin Toast / I Find Rock / Tooth on the Loose
  3. Nap for Spot / Monster Movie Night / Top Dog Fish
  4. House Detectives / The Backyard Jungle / The Best Doggone Show in the World
  5. Mutiny on the Bouncy / Roll the Camera / Pappy's Boat
  6. Where's Pappy? / Hopin' and a Hoppin' / Just Like Dad
  7. Spot's Birthday / Sir Rolie Polie Oily / Universal Spot
  8. Squaresville / Zowie's Harmonica / Unruly Polie Olie
  9. Rolie Polie Pogo / Two Not So Easy Pieces / Gotta Dance
  10. Pappy Days / Copy Cat N' Mouse / The Bump
  11. Zowie Got Game / Hickety Ups / Chili's Cold
  12. Our Two Dads / What to Be / Magno-Men
  13. Scavenger Hunt / What's Up Jack? / Grown Ups and Kids

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