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Parody of any cartoon clips and muppet sounds. Vector Perkins: Roll call!, Long John Silver? Jack Skellington: Aye, aye, sir! Vector Perkins: Short Stack Stevens? Hugh Neutron: Aye Vector Perkins: One-Eyed Jack? Shirley Uno: Aye Vector Perkins: Black-Eyed Pea. Drew Pickles: Yeah. Vector Perkins: Walleyed Pike. The Riddler: Aye Vector Perkins: Polly Lobster Mr. Burns: (squawks) Vector Perkins: Mad Monty The Penguin: Aye Vector Perkins: Sweetums Homer Simpson: Aye Vector Perkins: Old Tom. Clock King: Aye, aye. Vector Perkins: Real Old Tom. Ben Uno (KND): Aye. Vector Perkins: Dead Tom? Flippy (Jimmy Neutron) Aye, aye. Vector Perkins: Clueless Morgan? Sigmund the sorcerer: Huh? Vector Perkins: Headless Bill........ Headless Bill.......... Big-Fat-Ugly-Bug-Face- Baby-Eating O'Brien? Zatanna: Aye. Vector Perkins: Angel Marie. Carl Wheezer: Aye, aye.

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