The Roman Federation is also inhabited by magical creatures since Julius Caesar cast the great spell.



  • Aardvark: Aardvarks are sometimes used to dig trenches.
  • Albatross: An albatross is sometimes used as an air force and drop rocks.
  • Ape: (See Chimpanzee, Gibbon, Gorilla, Orangutan)


  • Baboon: Talking baboons travel in small squads when on the Roman Military. An assault squad of Baboons joined in the Mission at Ba Sing Se.
  • Badger: Talking Badgers are intelligent, kind, and steadfast.
  • Bat: Talking Giant Bats are sometimes used to weaken defenses by dropping bombs and rocks on battlements.
  • Bear: Talking Bears are large, gentle, child-like creatures. A Bear is traditionally one of the Marshals of the Lists. They are depicted as strong but gentle creatures, who pass their time napping and eating honey.
  • Beaver: Talking beavers are hospitable and friendly and rarely enter combat. One beaver which serves in the Roman Army led a raid on the Fire Nation palace, but was captured.
  • Bighorn Sheep: Talking Bighorns are sometimes used in the army by the Romans.
  • Bison: The bison are sometimes used to fight in the Roman army. When the Roman Federation couldn't enter the war at this time, they sent a small squad consisting of a Bison, a Minotaur, a Centaur, a Bighorn Sheep and a Ghoul.
  • Boar: Talking Boars are fierce fighters, and use their tusks to gash enemies.
  • Boggle: Boggle serve in the Roman Federation Armed Forces. They are troll-like imps with mole and swinish features.


  • Cat: Cats are aloof, cunning, graceful creatures.
  • Camels: Talking camels were mainly used in the desert battles and small missions during the Roman-Fire Nation War.
  • Cattle: Bulls fight in the Roman Federation Army, and talking cows don't half to be milked.
  • Centaur: The centaurs of the Roman Federation are noble beings and are one of the most loyal creatures to the Federation. They have the head, torso, and arms of a human but have the lower body of a horse joining at the human's waist. Their horse bodies are generally chestnut colored with human hair and beards of various colors. They are highly skilled in astronomy and divination, being able to read the stars and tell of future events. They are also proficient warriors and healers. They also have two stomachs -- a human stomach and a horse stomach -- which means they eat large quantities of both human and equine food.
  • Cheetah: These fast cat-like creatures have the ability to run at speeds so high that out ran most of an army.
  • Chimpanzee: Chimpanzees are one of the most intelligent apes. They fought in the Roman-Fire Nation War.
  • Chimera: Chimeras are large monsters used as a riding animal
  • Cobra: The cobras are eight feet long and the size of a python. Some are able to shoot venom.
  • Cockatrice: A creature with the head and legs of a chicken, but the body, tail, and wings of a dragon. Six fought in the mission to kill the Fire Nation governor assigned to Ba Sing Se.
  • Crocodile: Talking crocodiles are sometimes used as navy personnel and used in missions.
  • Cyclops: Cyclops' are a form of giant with one eye in the center of their heads. Some cyclops's have been seen on the battle field as generals while others work in the forges.


  • Dark Samurai: The Dark Samurai are skeleton Samurai who were resurrected by the Great Spell.
  • Deer: Talking deer have been used in the Roman Army.
  • Demon: Several demons live in the netherworld of Roman legend and serve as the lord of deaths personal servants. Several demons bred with humans forming half-Demons (See Half-Breed).
  • Dog: Talking dogs are intelligent creatures, although they retain much of their canine behavior. For instance , one group of Dogs is described as putting "their front paws on the shoulders of the humans and licking their faces". Several dogs were involved in the Assault on Omashu.
  • Donkey: Talking donkeys have been regarded as kind, but foolish creatures.
  • Dragon: Dragons come in fifteen different breeds.
  • Dryad: tree nymphs that are capable of leaving their trees and assuming a physical body almost identical to human form. When in human form, they look like elven maidens wearing chitons.
  • Dwarf: Dwarves exist in two varieties, Black Dwarfs and Red Dwarfs. Black Dwarfs are so called for their dark beards that are "as thick and hard as horsehair", while Red Dwarfs have hair "rather like a Fox's". Dwarves mainly work in forges with Cyclopes' and Telekhines. Dwarves sometimes breed with humans to produce Half-Dwarves (see Half-Breed.


  • Eagle: Eagles are quick, keen hunters. One notable eagle is a young cadet named Far-sight who was part of an assault squad in the Mission at Ba Sing Se.
  • Efreet: The efreet are fiery genies described an "Walking Fire".
  • Elephant: Elephants in the Roman Federation are smaller than those in our world. Most elephants are seen to ploy down Fire Nation tanks along with MAU's and RATTE's.
  • Elf: Elves are nature lovers who can manipulate plants and nature. Eight elves were a member of the 182nd Legion, like the others, they were new recruits.


  • Falcon: Talking falcons were sometimes used to intercept messenger hawks particularly Black Ribbon messages.
  • Faun: Fauns, or the son of woods, are woodland creatures with the legs of a goat and the upper body of a human. They characteristically have curly hair, glossy black hair and fur, small horns resembling those of a goat, and long tails. They enjoy dancing and playing music, and their faces are simultaneously "mournful and merry".
  • Ferret: Talking ferrets are sometimes used as agents because of their ability to sneak in and out of places unseen.
  • Fox: Foxes are sly, intelligent creatures. One fox named slinky was a new recruit in the Roman Army.
  • Frog: Talking frogs are larger than regular frogs and are used in scouting missions.


  • Gargoyle: Gargoyles are grey creatures with a stony hide and some have horns. Some were used to ambush Fire Nation soldiers in the Battle of Han Tui.
  • Gazelle: Talking Gazelle serve in small missions. A gazelle participated in the Mission to Ba Sing Se.
  • Genie: Genies are magical creatures that live in magical oil lamps. Aleena, Jets current love interest was a genie. Some genies bred with humans to produce Half-Genies (see Half-Breed
  • Ghoul: Ghouls are pale goblin like creatures, with slit-nostrils, and long, skeletal arms and legs, and are sometimes confused with goblins and boggles. Some ghouls have the ability to read the past of a person, including their ancestry.
  • Giant: Giants are tall creatures, while most giants are dimwits, others are pretty intelligent.
  • Giraffe: Talking giraffes are sometimes used as lookouts for soldiers in the Roman Military.
  • Gnome: Gnomes are tinkerers who are constantly trying to improve technology.
  • Goat: Talking goats serve in the military as soldiers. Those who serve outside the military are farmers.
  • Goblin: Goblins are short creatures that originally lived in scattered tribes. They now fight in the Roman Military.
  • Gorilla: Gorillas are the most powerful of the apes and capable of breaking down a large door.
  • Gorgon: Gorgons are human women with snake bodies for legs and snakes for hair, Gorgons have the power to turn a human being to stone with a gaze.
  • Gryphon: Gryphons are flying creatures who serve in the Roman military. Several gryphons serve in the 41st Division.


  • Hag: Hags are creatures who are capable of magic and have long gray hair. They are also bird-like with beaks, and talons.
  • Half-Breeds: Half-Breeds are beings that have been born from parents who are not of the same species. Half-Dragons are rare and the rarest are Half-Dragons capable of both breathing fire and flying.
  • Halfling: Halflings are short humans that are usually armed with axes and slingshots. They live in small communities called Burrows.
  • Harpy: Harpies are creatures that look like human females with eagle talons, wings with hands and feathery heads.
  • Hawk: Hawks sometimes intercept messenger hawks on their way to important locations.
  • Hell hound: A hell hound resembles a mangy, skinny, somewhat demonic hyena-like creature with red eyes and draconic ears. It has the ability to breathe fire.
  • Hippogriff Hippogriffs resemble griffons only they have horses hind quarters.
  • Hippopotamus: Hippos are sometimes used to defeat enemies due to their strength.
  • Hobgoblin: Larger, more intelligent and stronger goblins.
  • Horse: Both talking and non-talking horses exist in Roman territories. While the speechless variety are often used as mounts and pack animals, a Talking Horse will only allow itself to be ridden during desperate times, such as war.
  • Hydra: Hydras are sometimes used as war machines.
  • Hyena: Hyenas were seen fighting in the assault on Omashu.


  • Imp: Imps are small demons with fire capabilities. Some serve as guards to the lord of death.
  • Incubus: The male counterpart of a succubus. They are lusty male demons who cause nightmares and assume the form of handsome men and seduce women in their sleep.


  • Jackal: Pack hunting creatures that serve in the Roman army.


  • Kangaroo: Talking kangaroos are powerful beings that are capable of jumping great distances. One kangaroo was present at the Assault on Omashu.
  • Kirin:
  • Kobold:
  • Kraken: Krakens are large octopus' that live in the ocean. They, including the warships, were used to take out much of the Fire Nation Navy.


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