Mission 1: Romulan Wars

I apologize for any bad spelling/grammar/language etc. this was written by numerous people and may seem confusing.

Part 1: In the Beginning

Captain Rantonia gave the order to leave starbase. "Yes sir" said Ensign Stevens, the chief helm officer. "Set a course for the Romulan Neutral Zone Ensign!" Rantonia said.

The ship was nearly at the edge of the Romulan Neutral Zone. Ensign Fitzar the Chief Engineer had just come up to the bridge from engineering. "How do you like it Ensign" asked Captain Rantonia. "It's great sir" replied Fitzar. "I'm going to see my quarters now, thank you sir" Fitzar said.

Stevens was sat at his conn on the bridge, the ship was around 2 hours from the neutral zone. A voice whispered "where" and kept repeating all around. Captain Rantonia stood up "What is going on?" he asked. Stevens was in a trance. Fitzar spoke "it's the romulans sir they have hold of Ensign Stevens!"

  • The ship arrives on the edge of the neutral zone*

Rantonia: Right, our first course of action, Ensign Fitzar, run a scan on the zone, see if any wrbirds are nearby

  • Ensign Fitzar starts the check*

Rantonia: Number 1, i want you to go and contact starfleet and update them on the situation!

Hansman: Yes sir!

  • Hansman enters the turbolift and leaves*

Ensign Fitzar was working like a maniac trying to find what had put Ensign Stevens in a trance. So far he had found out that the romulans had done it but couldn't work out how? Cadet Yus a young andorian was working as acting Medical Officer.

Ens.Stevens in sickbay, rantonia and hansman watching over*

Rantonia: Who, and how?

Hansman: The riomulans and we don't know!

Fitzar: Were stuck the ronulans have disabled our engines we can't move

Rantonia: Oh great, another problem!

Ensign Fitzar was sat at his conn on the bridge. He had been there for 4 hours nonstop. He had been scanning and scanning for anysign of anything that could have caused what happened to Ensign Stevens. He hadn't found anything as of yet. Captain Rantonia was still in sickbay watching over Ensign Stevens. Commander Hansman was in his quarters on Deck 14. Fitzar was the only person on the bridge. His fingers were getting sore and his eyelids were getting heavy but he knew he had to find out what the Romulans had done to put Stevens in a trance. In his head he felt as if his head was floating away. 'No' he thought 'I have to concentrate'. The ship was on the edge of the Romulan neutral zone and a romulan warbird was hovering nearby. Fitzars finger slipped and he pushed a button he didn't no was even there. Suddenly on the screen in front of him a light flashed and Fitzar didn't know what he was doing. A young Ensign walked onto the bridge "Oh hello, have you seen capt..Oh my god!" he said. =/\=Captain Rantonia, come in please!=/\= the ensign pleaded. =/\=Rantonia hear, what do you want=/\= Rantonia answered. =/\=It's Ensign Fitzar, he's in a trance!=/\=. Rantonia rushed onto the bridge. He pushed a button on his chair. =/\=All senior officers to the conference room=/\=.

Hansman woke up in his quarters, he looked around. He jumpt out of bed, into his uniform and pressed his combadge. "Hansman to the Captain. What's going on?" It took a few seconds for the Captain to awnser. The fomiliar voice of Captain Andre Rantonia, the CO of the ship, came through the combadge. "Commander, Ensign Fitzar is in trance now. You've had full medical Training right?" He says to the Commander. "Yes I have, Captain. I've been the Chief medical...." he's being cut of by Andre. "Then I want you to report to sickbay right away. You are now temporary CMO. Prepare sickbay to handle more trance cases. I want you to examen Fitzar. Find out how we can prefent people from going into trance. Rantonia out."

Hansman straitends his uniform and walks outof his quarters. When he arrives at the turbolift an Random Ensign is allready waiting for the lift. "Is it true, Sir? What they say? That this mission. Patroling the Neutral Zone. Is an compleet suaside? And that an Romulan Warbird has been tailing us since we enterd?" She says to him. Hansman takes an profesional face. "Offcaurce not, Ensign. We'll surife." the turbolift doors open and Hansman and the RE enter. "Deck 5, sickbay." The lift start moving and about an minute later the lift stops at deck 5. Hansman exits the lift and walks into the direction of Sickbay. When he enters Fitzar's allready there. "Nurce, 10 cc of chlamotide. and an Medical Tricorder. NOW" He yels while entering. He walks to Fitzar and sees the med. tricorder allready there. He picks it up and scans the Ensign. "I need that Chlamotide NOW. He's even wors then the first." The nurce comes running to hi woth an hyprospray. He takes it and injects Fitzar. "Help me take him to the advanced. I need to make an synaptic energy scan. He looks at Stevens, And can you please give me some working room, Ensign?"

One hour later an weak Fitzar sits on the Advanced Biobed drinking some hot chocolat. "Sir, I don't see how Hot Chocolat will help my condision?" he says to the commander. "I don't even like Hot Chocolat." Hansman looks in the cup that the Bolian is holding close to his mouth. "Well, I can't find anything wrong with you, nether with the otehr crewmembers that were in trance. I've done an thelepatic Energy scan for an distance of 3 lightyears. I found nothing. None of my medicince work so i'm trying something realy old. It's an 'medicine' the 21st century. When someone had been uncontios or had fainted they would give him or her Hot Chocolat to regain strength. It worked then so why wouldn't it work now?" He says to the bolian.

  • After the trance incident Rantonia is giving a talk on the

bridge to all the senior crewmembers*

Rantonia: In our first few days we have been hit hard and unexpected, by the enemy. We will not givein to the Romulans. We have been sent by the Admiral himself to end this war, and we will end it! With or without violence! Stevens I want you to scan for any signs of Romulans, Fitzar, monitor the ships systems from engineering, make sure nothing gets throught the ships defence. Our new Security officer O'Kot, be prepared for any attacks, and Number 1, watch the viewscreen for anything strange, if you want me i'll be in my ready room.

  • Hansman walks upto Rantonia after the speech*

Hansman: Sir, Fitzar has not been cleared by me to go back to his duties please send him back to sickbay

Rantonia: ooops, Ensign Fitzar, please go back down to sickbay, my mistake you shouldn't have been discharged

Ensign Stevens was in his quarters and someone knocked on the door. It was Ensign O'Kot. "Hello Rik" she said. "Hi O'Kot" Rik said nervously. "What are you doing here?" he asked. "I'm looking for someone to talk to. The skeleton crew is on the bridge at the moment" she said. Rik spoke "I know we've only known eachother for a few days O'Kot, but I would like to get to know you better, do you want to go to the bar for a drink sometime?" O'Kot looked stunned.

Part 2: The Neutral Zone

  • Rantonia stands by the viewscreen*

Rantonia: Sensors, what can you pick up?

Sensors officer: A romulan ship is nearby, but i can't point out where!

Rantonia: HMM?

Sensors Officer: Wait a minute sir there decloaking, right in front of us, there shields are up and they are preparing to fire!

Rantonia: What have we done to deserve this?!

  • O'Kot is sat at the security conn and Ensign Stevens comes over

to her*

Stevens: Sure, id love to have a drink with you

O'Kot: Great

Stevens: I'll see you at around 7 tonight?

O'Kot:*laughs*It's a date!

Hansman walks out of sickbay and into the turbolift. "Deck one. Bridge" he says. When the turbolift arrives at the bridge its realy quiet there. He walk up to the captain. "Hello Captain. I've given Sickbay into the capeble hands of our cmo. Permission to return to my XO duties?" The captain nods. "Permission Granted." Hansman takes his cheat next to the captain. "O yeah, O'kot. I want an Security Ecercise tomorrow at 0200hours." O'Kot looks at him. "Yes, SIr.

{Ten Forward}

O'Kot: Well, I like lots of things, windsurfing on the holodeck, playing 3d chess...

Stevens: I like your eyes

O'Kot:*caught off guard*Erm..Erm, thanks

Stevens: And your mouth

O'Kot: Are you trying to chat me up Ensign?

Stevens: *pause*erm..yes

O'Kot: *slowly and dreamily* Well it seems to be work *there lips are about to touch*

Rantonia: =/\=All crew to the bridge=/\=

O'Kot: Erm, i'll see you later Ri..Ensign


Rantonia: Please get to your stations, this is an emergency situation! The Romulans are preparing to fire on us, Lieutenant Soval, take your position, Ensign Stevens, Evasive manuevres! Fitzar preapare the fighters!

  • Fitzar exits*

Rantonia: Sullivan prepare a boarding party!

  • Sullivan exits*

Hansman: We're ready sir

Rantonia: Soval, FIRE!

  • Phasers are fired and the romulans fire back*

Rantonia: =/\=All hands, battle stations!=/\=

Ensign Ju'To was stood at ops while this fight was going on. "Sir, we're losing power to our implse drives!" she said. Rantonia ordered "Boost the power to that system!". A torpedo hit the ship and a young ensign standing next to Ju'To was thrown to the ground, Ju'To picked her up. "You OK?" she asked, "Yes ma'am" the ensign replied. "Ok" she goes on her comm link badge "Dennigan please report to the bridge to check out ensign.." she trailed off, "Roban" the ensign said, "Roban" finished Ju'To.

a corridor on the warbird

  • the marines had been fighting their way through the ship for what

to sullivan had seemed an age they had finally broken through the last of the romulan security teams*

Sullivan: *looks left and right down the corridor they have reached* left leads to main engineering Waters take 2 squads and take out main engineering plant a bomb with a set time of 5 minutes contact me just after you have planted it

  • waters goes with 2 squads*

Sullivan: the rest of you come with me and O'Reilly we're going to pay the captain a visit and hopefully download the Romulan main computer so that we can find out what this ships mission was.

  • Sullivan takes the rest of her men and heads for the bridge*

Warbirds bridge

  • the romulan bridge crew are ducking behind the conns to the front

of the bridge while Sullivan,O'Reilly and the marines are behind the ones at the back of the bridge both sides are firing like mad*

Sullivan: O'Reilly toss a grenade at the conns there're hiding behind *O'reilly does this and the conns explode leaving the crew vunerable and easy prey for the marines all the romulans except the captain die*

Sullivan: you are coming with us *raises phaser rifle*

R.Captain: no i'm not *shoots himself*

Sullivan: private Cunningham download as much of the computer data as you can

  • Cunningham walks over to a console and begins to download data*

Waters: *on combadge* =/\= commander the bomb has been planted=/\=

2 minutes pass

cunningham: commander the download is complete

Sullivan: lets get the heck out of here! =/\= waters get back to the shuttle bay=/\=

Waters:=/\= acknoledged commander waters out=/\=

shuttle bay

  • Waters squads are already on board the shuttles when Sullivans

group catches up they board and take off*

Sullivan: O'Reilly how many did we lose?

O'Reilly: about 20 men

Pilot: Commander the warbirds hull is collasping!!!

  • the warbird explodes and the shuttles dock with the firebreather

the marines exit*

Sullivan: private Cunningham give me the computer download =/\= all senior officers please come to the conference room=/\=

  • cunningham gives her it and she heads to the conference room to

meet the other senior officers*

conference room

  • Sullivan has the contents of the download displayed on the screen

its a map showing Romulan positions throughout the neutral zone*

Sullivan: as you can see there is a high concentration of Romulan stations in this area most towards the outer edge of the neutral zone Captain I don not believe we can do this because each station has a defense force of around 10 warbirds and thats not including all the romulan patrols running past them every half hour.

Rantonia: enough daoubt ensign did you discover this warbirds mission?

Sullivan: yes captain, this warbird was supposed to be investigating a nearby nebula however by hacking into the captains personal log private Cunningham was able to find out that the ships actual mission was to kill you sir.

Rantonia: what?

Sullivan: further examination of the logs helped us to find out that the romulans knew that this ship was assigned to the neutral zone the logs also stated they knew all about the crew and the mission details.

Hansman: how?

Sullivan: the logs said there was a spy in starfleet who was very close to Captain Rantonia so that could mean that there is a romulan agent on this ship or that there is a romulan agent at the heart of starfleet.

  • After a lengthy battle the fighters are back in the hangar*

Rantonia: This is serious

Hansman: I know, what are you going to do sir?

Rantonia: I don't know Number 1

  • Fitzar walks up to them*

Fitzar: Sir we lost 4 fighters in that raid

Hansman: That means we've lost 24 in all captain!

Rantonia: Yes Bertus I can count you know

Hansman: Sorry sir

Rantonia: No Bertus, i'm sorry, i've been acting all strange since Lt. Col Sullivan told me the ships mission

Hansman: It would affect all of us sir

Fitzar: This is a problem!

  • Lt. Cmmdr Ryan Wachowski enters the hangar*

Rantonia: *notices him and changes the subject* Ah, gentlemen i would like to introduce our new Chief ENgineer, Lt. Cmmdr Wachowski

  • They shake hands*

Wachowski: Thanks for the warm welcome sir

Hansman: No problem

Fitzar: Hello

Wachowski: Hi

Rantonia: He was a transfer from another ship

Wachowski: The USS Victory, the famous Geordi La Forge's posting before the Enterprise as I believe

Rantonia: That is true

Hansman: Well Commander I would like to explain our predicament, as yuo know we are at war with the Romulans and we have just destroyed one of there ships but, there mission was to kill the captain and we are thinking of leaving the area, what do you think?

Wachowski: I don't know, we need to check out there forces, sir if i may can i take a look at Stellar Cartography?

Rantonia: Of course, follow Fitzar please

  • Fitzar and Wachowski leave*

Rantonia: I have a plan!

Hansman: What sir?

Rantonia: We need another Romulan Warbird though!

{Captains Ready Room, 2100}
  • Rantonia is sat down and Hansman is opposite him*

Hansman: It's a direct violation of the prime directive!!!

Rantonia: I know but it is a war

Hansman: I see no difference!!!

Rantonia: We must do this, or risk being destroyed by a barrage of Romulan Warbirds!

Hansman: Taking a romulan warbirds cloaking device is a risk in it's self!!!

Rantonia: Exactly

Hansman: I bet you that the next warbird we encounter will be part of a fleet!!! We need reenforcements

Rantonia: We can do this alone, good night commander

  • Rantonia leaves and Hansman is left sitting there*

{Rantonias Quarters, 2145}

  • Rantonia is asleep, in his dream he can see something*


{Romulan Warbird, 2 years previously}

Warbird Captain: You will die Andre!!!

Rantonia: NO

WC: Just like your brother

Rantonia: NNOOOO!!!

  • Rantonia dives out at the captain*

Rantonia: DIE!

WC: Get to the floor!

  • Rantonia is pushed to the floor*

WC: Kill him!!!

  • Two romulan guards pick him up and take him away*

{Present Day, Rantonias quarters}

  • Rantonia wakes up with a start and takes a big gulp out of a glass

of water*

{firebreather bridge, 0700}

  • Stevens and O'Kot are standing next to each other talking*

O'Kot: I had a fun time

Stevens: How about tonight as well?

{firebreatherhangar, 0730}

  • Fitzar and Rantonia are stood in the entrance to the hangar (OOC:

not the main exit the exit to the corridors) talking*

Rantonia: So I am sending a fighter raid to assault a romulan warbird, you as Squadron CO will lead it.

Fitzar: Very well sir

  • Rantonia exits as O'Kot enters*

O'Kot: What was that about?

Fitzar: I'm leading a fighter raid to assault a romulan warbird

O'Kot: Why?

Fitzar: I'm not allowed to tell you

O'Kot: thanks *walks off in a huff*

{Ten forward, 1000}

  • O'Kot is just eating breakfast as Ensign Stevens walks in*

O'Kot: Hi Rik

Stevens: Hello *pecks her on the cheek*

O'Kot: What was that for?

Stevens: Being with me

O'Kot: Erm..Rik, i..i..*they draw closer together and are about to kiss when

Bartender: What do you want kid?

Stevens: Damn, not again! Chardonnay, 2 glasses

Bartender: right away

O'Kot: Wine this early in the morning?!

Stevens: so

O'Kot: Oh well

{firebreather bridge, 1200}

  • O'Kot and Stevens exit the turbolift*

O'Kot: That was nice, so what time tonight Richard?

Stevens: around 9-ish

O'Kot: Great

  • They go to there seperate positions, Lt. Commander Wachowski walks

up to stevens*

Wachowski: So?

Stevens: What?

Wachowski: Did anything 'happen'?

Stevens: What did we..

Wachowski: kiss?

Stevens: No, not yet, we keep getting interrupted

Rantonia: Gentlemen, get to your stations please!

Stevens/Wachowski: Yes sir

Fitzar: *on fighter* =/\=Sir we have found a warbird, it's abandoned=/\=

Rantonia: =/\=What!=/\=

Fitzar: =/\=We have reason to believe it has been abandoned=/\=

Rantonia: =/\=Right, find the cloaking device and get out of there!=/ \=

Fitzar:=/\=Yes sir, Fitzar out=/\=

corridor outside shuttle bay 10:00

  • if there was one thing sullivan was unprepared for it was the

platoons reaction when they realised she had been promoted every single person congratulated her but eventually she got away from ten forward where the platoon were still celebrating she was thinking so hard she didn't see Fitzar right in front of her until she nearly walked right into him*

Sullivan: sorry Fitzar I wasn't looking where I was going

Fitzar: its alright

Sullivan: *looking at the cloaking device the engineers have got* what the heck is that?

Fitzar: that's a cloaking device we salvaged from an abandoned Romulan warbird.

Sullivan: the captain does know thats against the prime directive

Fitzar: he knows but he says that sometimes the rules must be bent

Sullivan: I would hardly call stealing a romulan cloaking device bending the rules I would call that breaking them. I wonder what will happen when we get back to earth and starfleet court marshalls him?

Fitzar: no idea but by the looks of things he heard us

  • Rantonia enters*

Rantonia: is that the cloaking device?

Fitzar: yes

Rantonia: get it installed

Fitzar: right sir *leaves*

Rantonia: sullivan here are the codes to open the vechile garages in the marine hangar bay

  • sullivan looks at him suspiciously*

Rantonia: with that warbird decloaking right infront of us just after you arrived I forgot to give them to you.

Sullivan: *takes them* thank you sir *leaves*

Rantonia: *taps combadge* =/\= fitzar tell me when its installed=/\=

Fitzar: =/\=aye captain=/\=

{holodeck 2, 2200}

  • O'KOt and Stevens are sat in a holodeck resteraunt in Florence*

O'Kot: This is nice Rik

Stevens: I thought you would like it.

O'Kot: I've never had the chance to say this before but...

Stevens: But what?

O'Kot: I kinda..

Stevens: Come on O'Kot

Rantonia: =/\=All senior crew members to the bridge=/\=

  • stevens gets up and says arch and is about to leave when*

O'Kot: I love you!

  • stevens slowly turns around*

Stevens: And I love you

  • O'Kot runs into his arms and for the first time they kiss*

{Bridge, 2205}

Rantonia: The cloaking device is in place Stevens, activate it!

  • the firebreather cloaks*

Rantonia: Enter the Neutral Zone!

Conference room 09:00

  • having seen the vechiles the marines had 2 jeeps and 1 truck

Sullivan was with the other senior officers trying to form a plan*

Stevens: the quickest route to Romulus takes us past a romulan fleet its our best shot

Wachowski: we don't have enough power to keep the cloak up till then

Rantonia: there must be something we can do

Sullivan: there must be someway of drawing that fleet away from Romulus

Hansman: ideas?

Fitzar: fighter raid

Rantonia: what?

Fitzar: let the fighters attack Remus that planet is significant to the romulan fleet and surely they will defend it if it is attacked.

Sullivan: that fleet is about 9 warbirds strong its suicide

Fitzar: I know its suicide but I think its the only way of drawing the fleet away

Rantonia: lets assume you draw the fleet to Remus what does it acomplish?

Hansman: it leaves Romulus vunerable to attack

Sullivan: which means we could land troops without interruption

Soval: surely the romulans won't send all nine ships to defend Remus

Sullivan: no they won't send all the ships but they'll send enough to leave Romulus vunerable enough

Rantonia: let me get this straight we use the fighters to draw away the romulan fleet which allows us to land the marines on Romulus I assume the firebreather will be engaging the remaining warbirds?

Soval: yes sir

Rantonia: but what good does landing the marines on Romulus do us?

Sullivan: it means that we are on our enemies planet and that we have a chance at capturing the Praytor once we've got him we can use him as a bargaining chip to get us out of the neutral zone.

Rantonia: yes but theres still the problem that Fitzar will probably die

Fitzar: not if I keep the fighters in Remus's atmosphere the one place a warbird can't go because if it did the gravitational pull would be so strong that it would crash.

Rantonia: you are all sure this plan will work?

Fitzar/Sullivan/Soval/Hansman/stevens/wachowski:Yes sir

Rantonia: very well then Fitzar and Sullivan prepare your men you have around three days before we will be close enugh to begin this attack in the meantime wachowski I want you to give the weapons,sheilds and engines as much power as you can Stevens the instant we arrive at Romulus I want a course laid in for Earth at warp factor 8 right dismissed.

Sickbay, 1300 hours

Stella sits in her smalll office to the side of sickbay, she sighs tiredly and reaches forward to get her cup of coffee, but the coffee slips from her grip and it falls to the floor, china splits and shatters and coffee spills onto the floor. "Oh Damn it!" She mutters to herself and grabs a cloth and begins to mop the coffee off. She places the cloth aside and begins to pick up the pieces of china, but she cuts her hand, straight down the middle. She winces slightly and stands, holding her hand now dripping in blood.

{Counsellors Office, 1305}

  • Captain Rantonia enters the new counsellors room*

Rantonia: AH hello, you must be stell*sees her hand*ooh, can i help you with that, how did it happen?

Stella: I dropped my cup of coffee and it shattered, i bent down to pick it up and...

Rantonia: Don't worry! =/\=Doctor to Counsellor Stellas office please=/\=

  • Ensign Dennigan enters*

Dennigan: What happened here, let me tend to that wound!

  • Dennigan sprays the wund and runs a scan over it*

Dennigan: Well no infections that I can pick up, everything seems fine

  • Dennigan runs over the wound with a tricorder and it heals


Dennigan: OK now, bye!

  • Dennigan exits*

Stella: She seems in a hurry!

Rantonia: SHe always is

Stella: Oh, OK

Rantonia: Let me show you around!

{Bridge, 1400}

Stella: Thanks for the tour Captain

Rantonia: Thats OK, please take your seat

  • Wachowski walks up to the captain*

Wachowski: Sir, this is an emergency we've lost power to the cloaking device, we're visible!

Holodeck 12:00

  • the holodeck resembles the Romulan senate building it has frozen

romulans as security personel and Sullivan,O'Reilly and Waters are trying to form an assault plan*

Waters: I suppose we could land outside the building and fight our way in.

O'Reilly: that would mean going through the most battle hardened troops in the romulan empire

Sullivan: and it gives the praytor time to escape

O'Reilly: what do you suggest then Lieutentant Cournel

Sullivan: 2 things first how many times have I told you and the rest of the platoon to only call me by rank on drill and secondly I think we stand better chance if we come through a weak point

Waters: such as?

Sullivan: the skylight

O'Reilly: interesting

Sullivan: the pilots crash the shuttles through the skylight with their phasers facing the doors the two entrances to the senate chamber must be held so O'Reilly you will be in charge of holding the primary entrance and Waters the secondary I'll get the praytor then board the shuttles and get the heck out of there!

Rantonia: (on combadge) =/\=lieutentant cournel Sullivan report to the bridge=/\=

Bridge 12:10

  • sullivan exits the turbolift*

Rantonia: all of you thought that your diversionary plan would work unfortunatley we've lost our cloak and sensors show warbirds heading in our direction.

Fitzar: where are we?

Stevens: we're almost at Remus

Hansman: this calls for a change of plan

Sullivan: in what way?

Rantonia: I don't think it does commander we continue as planned Fitzar you have authorization to begin your fighter attack Sullivan ready your men. Wachowski I want the cloak back online Dennigan put sickbay on standby for casalties O'Kot I want security on high alert and Stevens set a course for Romulus warp 7 and Soval bring weapons and sheilds online.

Stevens: course laid in

Rantonia: engage

{Firebreatherbridge, 1630

  • The ship has been moving closer to Romulus for a few hours now,

there is a solemn mood on the bridge*

Science Officer(Ensign Travan): Sir i'm picking up some strange gravometric readings from nearby

Rantonia:*stands up* What?

Travan: I don't it's phasing in and out, I can't get a good reading!

Rantonia: =/\=Mr.Wachowski!=/\=

Wachowski:=/\=Wachowski here, go ahead!=/\=

Rantonia:=/\=Is there anything wrong with sensors?=/\=

Wachowski:=/\=Not that i'm picking up sir=/\=

Rantonia:=/\=Thank you Lt.Commander=/\= Ensign Travan, run a full scan on sensors, i want this sorted! Hansman you have the bridge, i'm going to engineering!

Hansman: Yes sir

{Engineering, 1645}

Wachowski: THe cloak isn't up yet sir but...

Hansman:=/\=Captain report to the bridge, Dennigan report to the bridge, Ensign Travan is in a trance!=/\=

Rantonia: Not again!

{Sickbay, 1730}

  • Ensign Travan is sitting up on a bed, his blue shirt ripped cut

down the middle*

Travan: NOT a good way to start my first day, i hate this war!

Dennigan: Everyone hates war, even those who start it, the best thing to do is to stop it with peace!

Travan: Hmmm

Dennigan: You seem to be OK, your fit to go back to the least after you get a new shirt!

{Firebreatherbridge, 1800}

Rantonia: Fitzar ready your men, start the raid!

  • Fitzar leaves and goes to the hangar*

{Romulan Neutral Zone, 1900}

  • The fighters are flying everywhere dodging phaser fire, firing

phasers theselves, eventually the fight is over*

{Firebreatherbridge, 2135}

Rantonia: Well done Mr. Fitzar, you have done us proud, COmmander Wachowski, how much damage did we take?

Wachowski: We have lost power to decks 12, 11, and 10, communications are down and there are hull breaches on decks 7-4!

Rantonia: Get a team on it, we need to be fixed, this war needs to end.

Travan: Sir a romulan warbird is hailing us!

Rantonia: On screen!

  • The screen keeps going fuzzy and speakers skip, it's clear that the

warbird has taken heavy damage, the romulan Praetor appears*

Praetor: It's not over yet captain, you may have beaten us in this round, but this isn't the end of the war!

  • The screen goes blank*

Rantonia: Ensign Stevens, return to Starbase 1, Hansman, inform the admiral we're are comnig back, we need serious resupplies!

{Starbase 1, 1400}

Admiral: Well done Captain, but the war is not over yet, we need more time!

Rantonia: Yes sir

Admiral: Return to your ship captian, and await your orders!

  • Rantonia leaves toi the Firebreather*

Character Development (In mission)

{Starfleet Command, Earth, 0900}

  • Rantonia is withb his parents Tina and Gareth*

Tina: I wish you would find a girl instead of galivanting around space!

Gareth: Yes dear

Rantonia: I don't want to get amrried though, i like things the way they are, now bye, i'll see you in another few years!

  • Andre leaves*

{Firebreather bridge, 1100}

Rantonia: Well hansman, interesting first mission, we have some very capable crew members on board!

Hansman: Yes sir

Rantonia: Well, they deserve the break that they are ahving now!

Sullivans quarters on deck 7 17:00

  • Sullivan is talking to the USS Athena's captain,Summers, about her

posting (in Sullivans bio it said that she was transferred aboard the Firebreather for that mission only)*

Summers: the platoon on the Athena will be glad to have you back

Sullivan: there you go again jumping to conclusions

Summers: what do you mean?

Sullivan: so far in this conversation I have not said that I would transfer back to the Athena

Summers: but you are.

Sullivan: whether I want o or not is my choice but my choice counts for nothing.

Summers: do you have it better here?

  • a knock at the door*

Sullivan: come in

  • its private Moore*

Sullivan: Captain Summers I would like to introduce the marine medical officer private Moore.

Summers: how do you do?

Moore: very well thank you

Summers: tell me private does Major (he hasn't noticed that shes been promoted) Sullivan push the marines hard?

Moore: major Sullivan did but Lt cournel Sullivan pushes us harder.

Summers: you've benn promoted?

Sullivan: yes

Summers: I don't care the Athena's marines are in total dissaray I am ordering you to transfer bck to the Athena

Sullivan: in this matter only captain Rantonia's word will count

Moore: I know the marines would prefer you to stay Emily

Summers: you allow them to call you by name?

Sullivan: except for when we're on drill yes

bridge 17:30

  • its queit only Rantonia,Soval, stevens, Fitzar and O'Kot are on the


  • Sullivan walks up to the captain*

Sullivan: Sir as you know I was transferred only for that mission

Rantonia: yes

Sullivan: well i'm requesting to continue serving on board this ship

Rantonia: what do you think?

Stevens: Let her stay sir

O'Kot: i agree she stays

Soval: I'm wary about this I think it best she goes

Fitzar: you're joking Soval we couldn't have defeated that Romulan warbird without her

Summers: Captain with respect I need a marine CO on the Athena

Rantonia: Lt Cournel Sullivan you are to Stay

{firebreatherbridge, 1900}

  • Travan nervously walked up to Sullivan*

Travan: Erm Sir

Sullivan: Ensign, i actually prefer being called ma'am

Travan: Yes sir, i mean ma'am. I was just wondering, fancy going out on a date tonight in Ten Forward?

  • Sullivan looks stunned*

Sullivans quarters 17:50

  • sullivan is looking through some old things of hers*

Sullivan: photos scrapbooks and even more photographs of my parents hey whats this?

  • she picks up a golden chain which has the borg ensignia attached to


Sullivan: *smiles* all I have to remind me of their assimilation

  • knock*

Sullivan: come in

  • O'Reilly enters*

Sullivan: do a good job with the marines sargent

O'Reilly: i will

holodeck 18:00

  • O'Reilly is working the marines hard when Sullivan enters she hides

so no one can see her she makes herself visible to them about halfway through drill*

O'Reilly: listen I know your finding it more difficult now that I'm in command privates but I don't think its impossible for you to do this exercise so lets...

Sullivan: try it again but on an easier level

O'Reilly: what are you doing here?

Sullivan: captain said that my service aboard this ship has been extended computer run sceanario borg cube alpha difficulty level medium

  • the holodeck turns into a borg cube*

Sullivan: lesson one the borg will not attack you unless they think that you pose a threat. lesson two ranged weapons can be adapted to by the borg so set them on a revolving frequency yes private I know that it means that they may blow up and lesson three the best way to defeat the borg is with a hand to hand weapon which is why you all carry a knife.

  • they do the exercise*

Sullivan: I do not have a single complaint about how you handled that exercise you all obviously listened to me at the start of the exercise so I think it best we turn in early for the night (it's 21:00)

  • they exit*

{Holodeck, 2200}

O'Kot: I've not had this much fun for ages

Stevens: Neither have I

O'Kot: Look, i want to ask you something

Stevens: What

O'Kot: Fancy moving into my quarters with me?

holodeck (different from the one Stevens and O'Kot are in) 22:20

  • having said yes to travens question Sullivan meets him in the


Traven: *looks at her* wow

  • sullivan is wearing a sleeveless red top with a red knee skirt*

Traven: computer music

  • some romantic music begins to play*

Traven: may I have the pleasure of this dance?

Sullivan: alright

  • they dance for a few minutes before sitting down to eat*

Traven: nice food don't you think?

Sullivan: yes it is

Traven: nice necklace

Sullivan: thanks

Traven: you don't have to answer this but can you remember what it felt like when you were a borg drone?

Sullivan: your reason for asking that is?

Traven: just curious

Sullivan: well it was different from being just me you had no sense of individuality it was constant orders from the hived mind to assimilate anyone we encountered.

Traven: well your beauty has kind of assimilated me

Sullivan: has it?

Traven: yes

Hansman sat on the bridge in the Captains chair. Since the Captain whassn't on the bridge that now whas his seat till Andre woujld return. He stood up and walked aroud. Being in starbase whas boring, he always thought. Suddenly the comm panel started bleeping. "Starfleet Command is hailing us Sir. Emergensy Channel." Hansman ran to his seat. "On screen." He said. The picture of the Admiral came on." Hello Commander. There are 4 Romulan Warbirds coming in. Make the ship ready for battle. SC out."

holodeck 23:00

  • Sullivan and Traven are dancing*

Travan: you dance like a princess

Sullivan: is that really what you think?

travan: yes no if you will permit me I would like the honor of kissing the beautiful lady in front of me

  • they are about to kiss when*

rantonia: =/\= all senior officers to the bridge=/\=

Sullivan: now I know how ensign stevens felt

travan: *laughs* come on we'ed better go

bridge 23:10

  • Sullivan, Stevens, O'Kot and Travan all enter the bridge having

changed back into uniform*

Rantonia: about time you four arrived take your stations

  • Stevens takes the helm, Travan science Sullivan follows O'Kot to


Stevens: what's the situation sir?

Rantonia: the romulans have four warbirds heading towards this starbase we have been ordered to hold them back

Ju'tu: that's impossible

Soval: I agree

hansman: discussion of whether or not orders are amcomplishable or not is to be discussed off the bridge

rantonia: now listen we cannot allow starbase one to be destroyed so Fitzar I want the fighters ready and launched inside five minutes

Stevens: sir the romulans have just warped in

rantonia: fitzar make that 1 minute

Fitzar: understood *leaves*

Rantonia: now how do we turn the odds on the romulans?

Wachowski: short circuiting their primary systems would work

Rantonia: Sullivan

Sullivan: with respect captain I have to say that if I take a boarding party across it will only have six members

Rantonia: in that case I suggest that you handpick who you take

Sullivan: understood captain

Rantonia: I suggest you take wachowski wiith you he will probably be able to short circuit the romulan systems much faster than any of your marines

O'Kot: your not leaving me out of this

Sullivan: your security personnel your place is on this ship

O'Kot: I know but I think that it would be interesting to try a different expierience

Sullivan: alright then you can come =/\= privates Smith, West and Jackson transporter room one =/\=

transporter room 1 23:20

  • all members of the team are on the transporter pad*

Transporter ensign: I have the coordinates for your beam in set

Sullivan: Smith, Jackson, West equip your phaser rifles with their sniper sights

  • they do so*

Sullivan: ensign energize

{Bridge, 0400}

  • After a long battle all of the warbirds were destroyed and the away

team is abck on the ship, all fighters but 2 survived*

Fitzar: That was eventful!

Rantonia: Yes

Fitzar: I think we need to continue our mission sir

Rantonia: I would agree with you there!

Part 4: Ambassador

O'Kot and her date with Stevens continued after the problems. The shipo had finally left for the neoutral zone after the scare with the warbirds, they were close to romulan space.

corridor on deck 2 14:00

  • sullivan is sprinting to the turbolift*

Sullivan: *muttering* damn it why did my regeneration cycle go overtime? great i'm late for drill *enters turbolift*

Sullivan: deck 20

Holodeck 4 14:05

  • sullivan enters only to find O'Reilly talking to O'Kot*

O'Reilly: I seriously don't care ma'am this holodeck was booked for a marine exercise

O'Kot: I booked it last night for a security exercise

Sullivan: sargeant stand down immediately I will handle this

  • O'Kot and Sullivan go and talk in a corner*

holodeck 4 21:00

  • having come to a compromise in which both security and the marines

work together they commenced on conquering a friendly ship that has been boarded sceanario with security playing the friendly ships security and the marines playing the boarding party which needed to help eliminate the enemy Cardassian boarding party they have completed the exercise*

O'Kot: impressive squad you have there

Sullivan: yours weren't as good as I had been led to believe

  • they leave and begin to walk down a corridor where they run into


Sullivan: I'll see you two later *leaves O'Kot and Stevens alone*

Sullivans quarters 22:00

  • sullivan puts down a PAD and begins to activate her rengenerator

when its ready she steps into it and begins to rengenerate*

Sullivans quarters 06:00

  • sullivan awakens with a start and sees that she has her knife drawn

when someone knocks on her door she sheaths the knife*

Sullivan: come

  • Private West enters*

West: sorry for disturbing you Emily but private moore says that you haven't reported for your annual physical and asks when you will be able to have it

Sullivan: *takes a deep breath*inform moore that I will have my physical later on today after I've seen to something *leaves*

  • Captain Rantonia is speaking to the ambassador in the transporter


Archrar: IT was good to be here you have a nice ship!

Rnaotnoia: Thankyou Ambassador

Archrar: Unfortunately you arn't picking me up so...

Rantonia: Never mind, Ensign energize!

  • Arcgrar disapears on the trnasporter pad*

End of Mission Notes

This was the first ever Firebreather mission, we were all kinda bad back then, inexperienced.

Previous Mission: None
Next Mission: Parallels

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