Romulus is an Exile, and noteworthy for being one of the first Nogans to become one. He is a completely white Nogan with red eyes and lupine features, such as a furry snout instead of a nose, vastly superior senses, and fangs.


Romulus Moonson was born to Lycanth and Denari Moonson of the Subterranean Clan. During his childhood, Romulus was seen as a loner, and preferred to go hunting on his own. However, this drew attention from Argorru Eclipson, a dark yellow Nogan and childhood rival who, true to his name, was incredibly arrogant and had his own group of followers. Argorru constantly teased Romulus about anything he could think of- his lack of friends, his scale colour, even his hunting skills (which were, to Argorru's disgust, far superior to the dark yellow Nogan's own- a fact he covered up often).

When he was fourteen, Romulus grew enraged by a derogatory comment Argorru made regarding the white Nogan's love interest at the time, Saladia Flareson. In his rage, Romulus attacked his rival and, largely due to the fact that Argorru was in horrible physical condition, Argorru died. This was witnessed by one of Argorru's cronies, who fled and immediately told a clan elder, who at first seemed to be manipulating events in Argorru's favor. However, upon hearing Romulus' side of the story, the elder decreed that it was merely a normal reaction to a personal insult. However, despite the elder's verdict, Romulus remained bitter towards anyone associated with Argorru.

Years passed, and when Verkai, still sporting his original scale colour, dropped by the Subterranean Clan to recruit followers to his cause, Romulus accepted mainly out of hate for other Nogans. Verkai also offered the Nogan the chance to enact his fury into fighting.

Once he had become an Exile, Romulus became extremely well-known among his peers for his sheer ferocity when he battled and his undying hatred of the Pure Nogans.

Several years went by, and Romulus was instructed by Verkai to slaughter a small group of about five Wind Clan Nogans in a valley not far from where the Ice Clan lived. During his time in the valley, Romulus came across a pack of wild Kavinikas and was subsequently bitten by them. Although there was no evidence of this except for bite marks on his legs, the true effects of the bites would reveal themselves in the months to come.

Over the next few months, Romulus developed the lupine features he has today. His superior senses and tracking abilities made him even more well-known among the Exiles, and when Romulus' feral side-effects were combined with his hatred during battles, it was a terrifying sight indeed.

Recently, Romulus was ordered by Verkai to fond and capture Nitako, lead singer of the Terros-Nui band Torchwood, who knew classified information about the Omnipresent One's origins. Nitako is now being held in the Nightmare Cave on order of Ulyaoth.


  • Superior senses and tracking abilities
  • Feral Form: Occasionally in battle (often during the full moon), Romulus will transform into a savage and feral beast who craves blood. This is a side effect of the Kavinika bites, and also entails increased fighting abilities for Romulus.


  • Shadow Crossbow: A mysterious creation of crystal and steel, the Shadow Crossbow (which is often mounted on Romulus' right shoulder) fires arrows of pure shadow. It was a gift from Verkai after a particularly grueling mission involving the slaughter of an entire Plains Clan village.
  • Fang: A shortsword with a white blade stained with blood and a silver handle. Fang was forged by a master smith of the Volcano Clan island from a rare supply of white gold and was picked up by Romulus on one of his several visits there.

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