Ron Johnson is the current President of Jaffeland. He is a Republican and was first elected President in 2000. His vice-president is Will Ross.


Despite being a Republican, Johnson has quite a few left-wing views. He is in favour of saving the hedge, for example. Will Ross, his vice-president, is also on the left side of the Republicans. These positions were highlighted in the 2004 presidential election, in which Johnson and Ross ran against John Richer, a very conservative Democrat that actually later joined the Republicans. (However, Richer's running mate, Jim Mazer, is a left-wing Democrat.)

Party switch?

Even though Ron Johnson has always been a Republican, people have occasionally thought that he would change parties due to his moderate platform. Before 2004, some thought that he would run as a Democrat in 2004; however, he stuck with the Republicans. As of late, some moderate supporters of Johnson and Ross have been talking about forming their own party, potentially called the Progressives. Neither Johnson or Ross have commented on the matter.

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