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Once upon a time five of the greatest minds on the planet got together with an aim to achieve something.

The first and the most intelligent of all was called PKK. If that name doesn't frighten you it has nothing to do with your powers of observation which I obviously can't question but this is something which you must try to forget as fast as possible. Well, a man of immense integrity and an amazing self confidence , he is ready to take over the world with his multithreaded multitasking abilities. Besides, there is an altogether different side of him, the funny side which you would realize only if you could be there.That's it but not all about him.

Next is the arch shaped humanoid as they call him. With an outstanding stamina and tempo he can really make you feel miserable. I don't want to talk about the 'other' side of him.

To talk of BG or better CG as he is often called or better even 'baba'. He is a bit different for he very rarely tries to be different. Sometimes he gets mad for 'friends'.He is good when he is happy and that's what he normally is.

Now we come over to the person who made all this possible , no I am not talking about myself but the man who is responsible to hold this little 'familia' together.Pandey, they call him.

This completes this article except for the fact that I didn't describe somebody though you must have learned quite a bit about him now.I leave this to my friends.

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