Roscoso or Ross is a Pokemorph which is a fusion of Human and Pokemon DNA, Ross also is in command of Seven Special Treasures called the Life Aura's, Ross unlike the other Author Fighter's was born in an alternate reality, Ross was born as a human, but was infected with an unknown disease, his life was saved by a Darkrai who transfered some of his blood into Ross's body, turning him into a Pokemorph. After that happened Ross was completly cured of the virus, Ross then spent his childhood on Space Colony ARK, even making his first friend, who was his dimensions version of Author Fighter Alyssalioness, but tradegy soon struck the ARK was attacked by GUN Soldier's, killing everyone except Ross, who was sent to Earth by Alyssa.

After that Ross was soon captured by GUN and was taken to prison island, where he was put in suspended animation for 50 years where he was then released by his Dimensions version of Drake Ebon Darkstar, fuelled by revenge Ross, team up with Drake and the mysteriou Juliet Gamer, and gather the Life Aura's while also running into Darkmagicianmon twice.

With six of the Aura's in hand, Ross then discovered Juliet's true self and stopped her from stealing the Aura's, just as Drake announced that he had the final Aura, Ross then headed to the Eclispe Cannon to stop Darkmagicianmon which led to a titantic battle with Darkmagicianmon coming out on top.

When the ARK began it's collison course, thanks to Darkmagicianmon's Girlfriend Hikari Ino, Ross remembered a promise he made to Alyssa, To Give Humanity a chance to be happy and let them live their dreams. With this knowledge Ross headed to the Cannon Core helping Darkmagicianmon and Airnaruto stop the Life Aura's, then teamed up with Darkmagicianmon to save the world, but Ross was seen plummeting to Earth and presumed Dead.

But Ross survived and was found by Drake's forces where he was put into a stasis pod, where he stayed along with a deactivated E-123 Omega. Later Juliet showed up on a treasure hunting job. When she released Ross and reactivated Omega, the three formed Team Revenge and went on their mission to find Drake. After clashing with Darkmagicianmon and his friends. Team Revenge then teamed with the Author Fighter's to fight Emperorjestormon.

After he was defeated, Team revenge split up, Juliet and Omega joined GUN to help protect earth, while Ross simply travelled the world, causing him to fight someone from his past, The Same Darkrai who saved his life and his army the Black Arms. Thanks to the plummet to earth Ross had lost his memory. Which caused him to be the wild care in this three way war, Between Darkrai and the Black Arms, GUN and the Author Fighter's and Drake's forces. After recovering all his memorys Ross, used the Life Aura's to destroy Darkrai and the Dark Comet. Bringing Peace to the planet.

A couple of months after, Ross and Omega where pulled into another dimension when arriving Ross met a Pokemon Spirit called Deoxys. Who fused with him giving him more power than possible. After that Ross formed a group called the Space Warrior's which included, Kirby, Metaknight, Omega and Six other Pokemorphs. Marissa, (Kyorge) Micheal, (Groudon) Alistair (Rayquaza) Andy (Darkrai) Justin (Dialga) and Katie. (Palkia)

While on a trip to his home dimension Ross found out a secret from his past, he was not only a Pokemorph but a Fangire as well!

After a while Ross then helped the Author Fighter's in a battle with Drake Darkstar and his army, with that Ross joined the Author Fighter's Ross also is part of the Triple Author Team Program with X Prodigy and Nukid.

Appearance and Abilities

Ross has Purple Spiky Hair, Purple Eye's, and wears a Red T-shirt, Blue Jeans and Black Trainers. Because he is a Pokemorph Ross can do a variety of Pokemon Attacks including Hyperbeam, Psychic, Psycho Boost, Psycho Cut and Shadow Ball. Because of his constant use of the Life Aura's Ross can also use The Power of Chaos, right now he can only use Chaos Control which allows Ross to either stop time or Teleport somewhere else, Chaos Blast, which is simply a huge explosion of Chaos Energy and Chaos Rampage which is Ross's version of the Light Speed Attack, Ross also knows a move called Chaos Shield which when fuelled by a Life Aura can create a near unbreakable Shield. Ross can also change his form into two other's Pokemon and Pokemorph Forms. His Pokemon Form is simply a Deoxys. While his Pokemorph form called Chaos Deoxys, His Arms turn Red and Blue in colour, Purple Armour appears on his chest, and a Helmet which looks like A Deoxys in Attack form. Ross can also go one step further when using all Seven Life Aura's, When he does he turns into Super-Pokemorph form. In this form his Arms turn Silver and Purple in colour. The Helmet turns Silver and the Armour on his chest turns bright Red with the symbol for Chaos on it.

A New Power Ross has created is called Soul Exchange, using this power, Ross an combine his soul with that with the souls of other Pokemorphs. Right now it's unknown what Pokemorph's Ross can combine souls. Right now Ross can only combine with Pokemorph's who are very close to his heart which include his lover Marissa, his adopted daughter Hinaten and his brother like friend Andy. Using this power Ross can create combinations. One of them is Water Explosion, which is a combo of Ross's Chaos Blast and Marissa's Hydro Pump. Anothr is called Psychic Vortex which is a combo of Ross' Psycho Boost and Andy's Dark Void.

When Ross uses Soul Exchange with Hinaten. Hinaten is given the ability to use Ross's Chaos Powers. All of them. But for Ross it is very strange because of Hinaten's Double Persona. When Ross uses the Soul Exchange He actually splits into two Seperate beings, One of them can only use Ross's pokemon attacks while the other one can only use His Chaos Powers. His Pokemon sides is given the Pokemon and Pokemorph Limits but cannot go into Super-Pokemorph form. While his Chaos Side can use all seven Life Aura's with ease and can draw on strength from anything Chaos Related.

Main Enemies

Like Many other Author Fighters his mains enemys are Darkside's, Like Drake, Shade and Ozzy. However both Ross and Space Warrior Member Justin, have a grudge with Lucifer the Balance of Hatred. Mostly because they stopped Lucifer from Killing Hikari in the Past, and also because Ross stopped Lucifer from giving Nightmares to Hikari.


Ross mainly has a warrior like Persona, he will always love a good fight and can even be a little bloodthirsty at times which is why he loves the Brawls against Nukid and X Prodigy. He also sometimes has a hatred for anyone who think they're superior than everyone and he respect anyone who want's to get stronger like Lunatic121 which made them rivals. He is also afraid of losing his friends like what happened in his past. When Marissa was nearly killed by Oushu the Ox Zodiac Darkside. Ross in rage activated Chaos Deoxys and Destroyed the Darkside. Because of his Chaos Power's Ross can have a volatile nature sometimes which makes his Chaos Power's even more powerful.


Darkmagicianmon: Mostly a good friend, but before Ross dated Marissa, Ross used to tease Darkmagicianmon about his relationship with Hikari.

Hikari Ino: A Good Friend too. Ross along with TL and Darkmagicianmon on seperate times have Helped Hikari in her nightmares which Lucifer created. Ross along with Justin actually saved Hikari from Lucifer during her Child-hood. But Only Lucifer has figured out they did. Hikari now sees Ross as a Surrogate Brother.

X Prodigy: Probably his Best Friend and main Author Fighter Rival. They both tend to partner up when going on missions and are lethal in a double team. X is also the only one beside, Ross, Darkmagicianmon ad Tlsouldude to be able to use all Seven Life Auras. Which Unlocks his Alpha Devil Trigger.

Marissa the Kyorge Pokemorph: Marissa is Ross's girlfriend and lover, she's also because of the Pokemorph Frenzy his 'mate' so too say. Ross would do anything to protect Marissa, even losing his own Life, if anyone tried to hurt Marissa either Physically or Emotionally, then they better be prepared for a funeral!

Hinaten the Mew/Mewtwo Pokemorph: Ross 'adopted' Daughter, Hinaten along with Marissa are the most precious people that Ross will protect, with everything he has! He loves his daughter like any father would!

Andy the Darkrai Pokemorph: Ross's almost brother like friend, Andy and Ross are fierce rivals and have had battles that could possibly match the Three Way battles between Ross, Nukid and X Prodigy!


Ross has many rivals right now his main rivals are, Lunatic121, Nukid and X Prodigy. He and Lunatic have tried to one up each other, Lunatic's skills have constantly improved as have Ross although they haven't fought with their best forms. Lunatic's Blaze Vein Form and Ross's Super-Pokemorph Form.

Ross's greatest rivals have to be Nukid and X Prodigy. The Three of them have started to have annual Three Way Brawls against each other trying to win. Right now they have only fought twice each ending in Draws. In a Philisopical Way, Airnaruto45 pointed out that Ross, Nukid and X Prodigy in their fights represent the three kinds of Being's in the universe, Light, Darkness and Neutral.

Ranger24 also has a bone to pick with him and Ross tries to avoid the Twilight Warrior whenever possible. However Ross also think's that Ranger needs to be knocked off his high horse so to speak and Ross knows one way to do that...a fight. Which they will settle at the Bloody Palace.

Kamen Rider Kiva


Kiva Normal Form


Garulu Form


Bashaa Form


Dogga Form

After Ross's defeat at the hands of Kamen Rider Saga, Ross learned of a special power he could access, the power of Kivat the Third, with help from another friend Ross master the powers of Kiva, and even defeated a Fangire in doing so!


Dark Moon Breaker: Ross's finisher when in normal Kiva form, in this form it is usually a huge kick of major power!

Garulu Bite: Ross's Finisher in Garulu Form, in this form Ross puts the Garulu Saber in his mouth and does a powerful overhead slash.

Bashaa Bite: Ross's finisher in Bashaa Form, in this form Ross gathers a huge shot of water in the Bashaa Magnum.

Dogga Bite: Ross's finisher in Dogga Form, in this form Ross freeze the enemy with a special energy before slamming down with the Dogga Hammer.


"Hi Names Roscoso, Friends call me Ross, Enemies call me the Ultimate Pokemorph!"

"Hey D.M when are you going to propose to Hikari?" (Chuckling while D.M blushed)

"Uh Marissa do you have to do that all the time?" (Marissa kicked Micheal into the Wall)

"Anyway one who hurts my friends better have life insurance!!"

"So if we have settled this? What do you say we fight again! I want a rematch!" (After Ranger24's Bloody Palace)

" own mermaid,"

"Live a life of Chaos! It way more fun!"


Ross is voiced by Johnny Yong Bosh who voices many anime character and used to act in the Power Ranger Series.

Ross along with X Prodigy, Nukid and Blood Lord Dark Kiva are all British.

Ross also has Asperger Syndrone.

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