Roshiyu, Rinomaru (16 BCA-?) is the Ghell apprentice of Arrathir Quinn, and Phendra Icen's mate.


Old Desc.

Not much can be seen of this strange character. But what you could see is all you needed to know. A travelers cloak encased his thin frame, worn from time. Mud clinging to the hem. From the hood, only the tip of a mottled black gray snout could be seen, a few whiskers sprouting here and there. And last but not least, as he turns away, you see the tip of a tail dragging past the hem. Dirty and calloused from traveling.

Without the cloak, he would loose most of his mystique. Wearing nothing but a simple, dirty, black shirt, and what could have been at one time black jeans. His entire fur color was mottled black gray, making good camouflage for both stone boulders, and shadows. But the most peculiar thing, would be the golden pendant around his neck.

Current Desc.

Compared to when he came to the Academy, Roshiyu would not be recognised. Gone was the emaciated and unsure youngster, unable to trust. Now he was a powerful figure, one of the elites within the plane, considering his title as Arrathir's apprentice.

Unlike before, his appearance has changed as well, to fit his title. The ragged cloak, although kept in safe keeping, is no longer worn. Instead, it has been replaced with a cloak of finer material, and although still black, it has some faint gray trimming along the hems. It also has far more hidden pockets then his first cloak. This he wears all the time in public, with the hood down most of the time.

Without the cloak, he would be wearing, as always, a simple black T-shirt, and black jeans. But around his waist, would be multiple daggers, apparently more decorative then anything else, considering their finely carved handles of death and decay. However, that would only be a mistake to assume such. Hidden underneath the black shirt, as always, would be the same golden pendant, that very few people know about.

As for everything else, which may be concerned within this catagory, not much has changed. His expressions are either vague, or void of expression, unless the situation is dire. And his fur is trimmed to a specific length.

Character Race

Roshiyu is a Nezumi, in other words, Rat Folk. A human like creature, similar to a human in stature and hieght. But also has unique rat like qualities, such as a muzzle, ears, tail, claws, and a pelt. As stated before, he is the Ghell Apprentice, and specialises in two things. Destruction of the mind, and Rodents.

Back Story

Before the Academy

His past is rather secretive, and gaurded from most people who know him. Only perhaps two, or even three know of his full past, from various ways. But the basics are as followed:

After loosing both parents from an ogre raid, Roshiyu was forced to fend for himself within a local nezumi community. Of course, concidering the nature of the nezumi society, he was disregarded and abandoned from day one. And so life went on, fending for himself as best he could as a gutter child, until one fateful day. A mighty kami, the Myojin of Night's Reach, demanded an offering from the pitiful camp. A servant. The villiage debated, and it was finally decided that Roshiyu would be given up to serve that position.

Time passed, and Roshiyu served. He also learned to take his position very seriously, for if he did not, he would be punished beyond his darkest thoughts. He longed for escape, to be rid of this master, and live on his own. Whether it be as a gutter rat, worse, or better, he did not care. As long as he was free. Within months, his first opportunity arose. An older servant had died from his punishments, a rurouni human. The Myojin left to find a replacement, and Roshiyu ran. He used every known skill of stealth, and survival within the swamp he could call upon while escaping. There were many close calls, from natural hazards, as well as kami. But in the end, he made it to the edge of the Takenuma Swamp, his only home, then left it.

The outside lands were new to him, and that was unsettling, but he went on. Throughout his travels he was able to scrounge for edible roots, and if lucky, even caught a hare or grouse. He lived that way, until finally finding another settlement. This one was established by humans, and after first suspisions, he was allowed to stay. Once again he was a gutter rat, but this time there were a few sympathetic to his case. He was given tid-bits of leftover food, even an old, worn cloak, for cold nights. But there were those that hated him as well, only for what he was. Snide comments as they passed, spitting, and late at night even beatings. That's how those people showed him he didn't belong. But even so, slightly, he felt like he belonged here. Unfortunately, he was accused of stealing, and the sentence fell through. Although not condemned with death, his setence was only a step lower. Exile.

Once again, he was forced to roam the unknown lands of the plains. This time though, with far more knowledge about the surrounding countryside. Making the trip more bearable then his previous one, if only slightly. Once again, his travels ended with finding a settlement. This one contained kitsunes. And unlike all the rest, he was even offered a place to stay when asking to live there. The leaders own home. Unknown to Roshiyu, this would both turn out to be a blessing and curse. Of corse, he was assigned chores andasks to do while staying, but he didn't mind. The daughter of said leader, Kiara, even helped sometimes. Within a few months both Kiara and himself were very good friends, an possably going further,or so Kiara's father felt. He couldn't have his daughter with a vagrant, if obediant and hard working nezumi, so he declared public banishment of Roshiyu... Another home lost. And this one hurt fa more then the others. He had actally lost a true friend.

For things to become full circle, he once again travelled to his homeland. As always, the swamps of Takenuma were foreboding, dark, and evil. But in a way, that decrepid land was his true home. The one place he had not been banished from, and was allowed to return to. For two years, he lived within that rotting wilderness. Everyday, when his life was not threatened, he contempted his past. The meaning of it, the meaning of his pain, and why he had always been treated so badly. There was really nothing else to do, other then survive. Until one day. A man entered the very clearing Roshiyu was hiding in, apparently looking for something. Roshiyu waited, and watched, but soon became wary. This man was focussing on something, and following it. Whatever it was, was bring the man straight to him. Without a second thought for his safety, he attempted to Disembowl the man. At first, it appeared as if it worked, but to the nezumi's dismay, the man got back up. This was no man, but apparently, a Kami. And Roshiyu ad just tried to kill it.

Instead of retaliating however, this man, human, yet also with nezumi features, began to speak. Offering Roshiyu yet another home, apparently out of the kindness of his heart, as hard to believe as it was. An arguement soon followed, with Roshiyu accusing the man of false hopes, and hidden agendas. While the man, now known as Arrathir, firmly defended his offer. In the end, Roshiyu reluctantly agreed.

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