All of the train engines like being shiny and clean, it makes them feel cheerful as they chug around the railroad station.

They didn't like getting dirty. It made them feel disgraceful and upset, so they would need a wash down.

But sometimes, other engines have to do dirty jobs. Rosie had the dirtiest work to do, but she liked being clean just like any other train engine.

Wash downs are important to Rosie, but Mr.Percval had some terrible news.

“Due to the water shortage,” he said to them. "no train engine should have more than 1 wash down a day or 2. cheerfulness before cleanliness.” He added and left.

Rosie was terribly upset. She was fed up about it.

“I can't believe I always get dirty, I need a wash down,Thomas only does it to feel more important.” Thomas sniffed snootily at Rosie.

“I am important, I’m the most important train engine ever.”Thomas said to Rosie.

"You work too hard!" teased Percy.

"No I don't!" said Rosie, "I work as hard as I could,"

"You’re a crazy mouth, Rosie.” teased Thomas.

“No I’m not!” Rosie exclaimed angrily as she trundled away.

Rosie was loading cargo at the harbor and she was trying very hard to stay clean, but the Freight Cars were being very crazy and naughty

Just as Rosie pushed them under the coal chute at the Coaling Plant, they giggled out loud.

“On, on, faster, faster!” the Freight Cars exclaimed in unison.

Rosie found herself under the chute and coal dust flew everywhere.

“Oh dear!" coughed Rosie. “I’m filthy!”

Phil thought that Rosie was in a mess.

Rosie was feeling terrible, but she knew she had to carry on.

On the way to the dunes the Freight Cars teased Rosie even more.

“Clickety-clack, don't look back, dirty Rosie’s on our track!” the Freight Cars exclaimed in unison.

“Shut up!” Rosie exclaimed angrily.

When Rosie arrived at the dunes she was terribly fed up and upset.

“From now on, I’m only doing work where I won’t get dirty and filthy.” Rosie said looking a bit upset

Tigermoth was at the dunes picking up some medical supplies.

“Hello there, Rosie!”Tigermoth called over to her. And he took off piling dirt and dust all over the place.

“Not again!” whistled Rosie. “I want a good wash down!”

“Cheerfulness before cleanliness.” reminded her driver.

“I wanna be cheerful where I can’t get dirty and filthy." Rosie chuffed.

“There’s a load of sugar going to the caramel factory.” her driver said. “We can deliver the sugar there.”

“Oh yeah, sugar.” said Rosie. “That’s nice and clean.”

Rosie was very pleased.

Rosie didn’t know that earlier, a leaky oil tanker had spilled oil on the railroad track.

When she approached the caramel factory, she tried to stop, but it was too late, Rosie's wheels just slid on the oily railroad track.

"Oh dear!" Rosie exclaimed in fear.


“Ew, gross!” she groaned in disgust. “I never got this dirty!” She was covered from buffer to buffer in sticky, gooey, caramel.

Meanwhile back at the train engine shed everybody thought that was hillarious.

“You look good enough to eat!”Henry exclaimed with laughter.

“Caramel Donut Rosie!” Gordon exclaimed tauntingly.

“Caramel on wheels!” Percy exclaimed between giggles.

“Disgraceful!” Thomas said pompously.

“Ahem!” said a stern sounding voice. It was Mr.Persval.

“You always tried your best, Rosie.”Mr.Persval said to Rosie.

“Yes, kind sir.”replied Rosie from beneath the caramel.

“But you showed all of us that cheerfulness does come before cleanliness, so..........." he said to Rosie. "you can have your wash down.”

“Oh how exciting!" Rosie exclaimed excitingly.

“And a new coat of lavender paint.” Mr.Persval said to Rosie.

Rosie just beamed with delightfulness.

End of Rosie's side of the caramel story sequence...............................

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