Rosie, Bridget, and Ann are born on July 26, 1994.


Lanolin: Brrrrrrrrrrr!

Bo: What's wrong, honey?

Lanolin: I broke my legs. Then I'm so fat.

Bo: I'm going to take you to the hospital.

(at hospital...)

Bo: Doctor, is she all right?

Doctor: Yes, Bo. Okay, Lanolin. Push, push, push, and push. Hope that helps you. (finally, the baby triplets pop out of Lanolin's stomach) Congrats, Lanolin! They're girls. What are their names, Bo?

Bo: Rosie, Bridget, and Ann.

Lanolin: I like these names for those triplet girls. Let's bring our girls home.

Bo: Okay.

(age 1)

Bo: Happy birthday, girls. You're all a whole year old. Enjoy this lovely cake.

Rosie: Cake!

Bridget: Candle!

Ann: Yummy!

Bo: (gasps) Rosie said her first word "cake"! Bridget said her first word "candle"! And Ann said her first word "yummy"! (chuckles)

Rosie, Bridget, and Ann: We love cake! (they all giggle)

(age 2)

Rosie, Bridget, and Ann: Trick-or-treat!

Man: (gasps) Why, girls! Your costumes are very snazzy! Have some candy.

Rosie: Thanks, mister!

Bridget: Thank you!

Ann: Thank you, sir! (giggles)

(age 3)

Bo: Enjoy Christmas in 1997! See my girls? They're wanting a million presents.

Rosie: I want Barney! (x4)

Bridget: I want Teletubbies! (x4)

Ann: I want Wiggles! (x4)

Bo: Okay, okay. In fact... Merry Christmas!

(age 4)

Mr. Simon: Okay, class. Today we'll share milk and cookies. Who wants a go?

Tom: Me, me, me! YAAAAAY!!!

Wubbzy: Wow, wow, wow! I'm so hungry! (eats all the cookies and drink up all the milk) Mmm, yummy!

Tom: (gasps) Wubbzy stole all the milk and cookies! (bawls loudly)

Mr. Simon: Wubbzy! Go to the time-out corner!

Wubbzy: Okay, Mr. Simon. (walks away)

Rosie, Bridget, and Ann: That crazy yellow creature! (they all laugh)

(age 10)

(Rosie, Bridget, and Ann's parents died from a car crash)

Rosie, Bridget, and Ann: Good-bye, mom and dad! (they all sob loudly)

(R.I.P.: Bo and Lanolin (1968 - 2004))

(age 12)

(Rosie, Bridget, and Ann have their foster parents Brian and Kate)

Brian: Hi, girls!

Rosie, Bridget, and Ann: Hi, foster mom and dad!

Kate: So we're a very good family! (chuckles)

(age 13)

Rosie, Bridget, and Ann: Our foster dad needs plastic surgery.

Kate: Don't worry, Brian. I'll take you to the hospital.

Brian: Okay, Kate.

(at hospital again...)

Doctor: The doctor is here.

Brian: You look like my boss.

Doctor: I know. Now lie down and let's begin.

(five and a half hours later...)

Brian: Here I am!

Rosie: You look adorable.

Bridget: Yes, you do.

Ann: Oh, yes. You really do.

Brian: Thanks, girls. You're un-grounded.

(age 18)

Brian: I swear to God! If you all get grounded one more time like this, you will go to jail!! Do you hear me?!

Rosie, Bridget, and Ann: Yes, foster dad!

Kate: March to your room right now!

Rosie: WAAAAAAH!!!

Bridget: WAAAAAAAAH!!!!



Air Date

February 19, 2013

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