‘A Snowy Day’

written and animated by ToonBoyDan

Autumn was changing the leaves from green to light brown and the fields were changing too, from yellow stubble to brown earth.

Just as Rosie puffed along, she heard the ‘chug, chug, chug’ of Terrence the Tractor at work.

1 fine day, stopping for the signal, she saw Terrence close by.

“Hello there,” said Terrence. “I’m plowing, I’m doing my hard work.”

“I’m Rosie, a feisty energetic engine, I’m pulling my train.” “What crazy wheels you got.”

“They’re not crazy, they’re caterpillars,” said Terrence. “I can go just about anywhere, I don’t need rails.”

“I don’t wanna go anywhere,” said Rosie. “I like my rails, thank you.”

Rosie often saw Terrence working very hard, but even if she whistled real loudly at him, Terrence never responded.

Winter came, and with it dark heavy clouds full of snow.

“I don’t like this,” said Rosie’s driver. “A great big heavy snow fall is coming, I sure hope it doesn’t stop any of us.”

“Good grief,” said Rosie, seeing the snow melt on the rails. “soft stuff, there’s nothing to it.” And she puffed on feeling cold, but confident.

They finished their adventure safely, but the entire country was covered, and the rails were 2 dark lines standing out in the great big snow.

“You’ll need your snow plow for the next adventure, Rosie.” said her driver.

“Oh, snow is crazy soft stuff,” “it can’t stop me.”

“Listen to me, Rosie,” her driver replied. “we’re gonna put your snow plow on, and I want no more nonsense, please.”

The snow plow was very heavy and uncomfortable, and it made Rosie cross. She shook it off, and she banged it and when they got back it was all messed up.

“Rosie, you crazy train engine.” said her driver, just as she shut the train engine shed door that night.

The very next morning, both Rosie’s driver and fireman came very early and worked very hard to mend the snow plow, but they couldn’t make it fit properly.

It was time for the 1st railroad train. Rosie was very pleased. “I shouldn’t need to wear it, I shouldn’t need to wear it.” she puffed to the twin coaches, Larry and Gary.

“I hope it’s alright, I hope it’s alright.” they whispered anxiously to 1 another.

The driver was anxious too. “It’s not that bad here,” she said to the fireman.

“but it’s sure to be deep in the field.”

It was snowing again when Rosie began, but the rails were not covered up.

“Crazy soft stuff, crazy soft stuff!” she puffed. “I didn’t need that crazy old thing yesterday, I shouldn’t today, snow can’t stop me.” and she rushed into the tunnel, thinking how clever she was.

At the other end she saw a heap of snow fallen from the sides of the cutting.

“Crazy old snow.” said Rosie. And she charged it.

“Fire and smoke!” whistled Rosie. “I’m stuck!” and she was.

“Pull back, Rosie, pull back!” said her driver.

Rosie tried and tried, but her wheels were spinning around, and she couldn’t move around.

More snow fell and piled up around her.

The signal guard went back for help, while the driver, fireman and passengers tried to dig the snow away, but, just as fast as they dug, more snow slipped down ‘til Rosie was nearly buried in it.

“Oh my wheels and coupling rods!” said Rosie devastatingly. “I should need to stop here ‘til I’m frozen solid.” “What a crazy train engine I am.” and Rosie began to weep.

At last, a honking sound in the distance told them Bertie the Bus had come for the passengers.

Then Terrence chugged around through the tunnel.

Terrence pulled away the empty coaches, and came back for Rosie.

Rosie’s wheels were very clear, but still spun around helplessly when she tried to move around.

Terrence tugged and slipped, and slipped and tugged, and at last dragged Rosie into the tunnel.

“Thanks, Terrence, you’re caterpillars are very splendid.” said Rosie cheerfully.

“I hope you’ll be very sensible now, Rosie.” said her driver in a serious tone of voice.

“I’ll try my best, ma’am.” said Rosie, just as she puffed back home to the train engine shed.

That’s the end of the snowy day story sequence…………….

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