Rosie & The Scrambled Eggs is a fan-fiction Thomas episode from Season 5, which would air after Rusty and the Boulder.


Thomas, Percy, Toby, Daisy, Billy and Stanley have to repair the bridge across the road, the branch line, while Rosie is sent to work on Edward's branch line, which Bill and Ben would tease her. Later, a lorry breaks toward the end of the crossing, while carrying eggs, and Rosie crashes into it. She is covered in eggs, and Bill and Ben make fun of her eggy appearence.


  • Thomas (does not speak)
  • Percy (does not speak)
  • Toby (does not speak)
  • Daisy (does not speak)
  • Billy (does not speak)
  • Stanley (does not speak)
  • Rosie
  • Edward
  • Bill and Ben
  • Annie and Clarebel (do not speak)
  • Maria and Wendy, Rosie's coaches (do not speak)
  • Sir Topham Hatt


  • US Narrator: Alec Baldwin.
  • UK Narrator: Michael Angelis.
  • The Season 5 Thomas & Friends models and sets are used.
  • Bill and Ben's Season 3-5 theme is used, when Bill and Ben tease Rosie about her egged covered appearence.

Music Included

  1. James and the Trouble with Trees intro (start)
  2. Edward's Season 1-5 Theme (when Edward takes Rosie to the China Clay Works)


Alec Baldwin Narration

  • Sir Topham Hatt: The bridge across the road needs repairs.
  • Alec Baldwin: Sir Topham Hatt told the engines.
  • Sir Topham Hatt: Thomas, Stanley and Billy, you need to take the workmen. Percy and Daisy will be alright as well, and Toby too! But Rosie is too heavy, and you need to go to Edward's branch line.
  • Rosie: Can Maria and Wendy come too?
  • Alec Baldwin: Asked Rosie. Sir Topham Hatt shook his head.
  • Sir Topham Hatt: I'm afraid not.
  • Alec Baldwin: He suggested.
  • Sir Topham Hatt: Daisy cannot carry your passengers on your own. But Thomas will take care of your coaches, along with his coaches Annie and Clarebel.
  • Alec Baldwin: Thomas enjoyed doing Rosie's work as well as his own. Maria and Wendy were sad about Rosie going onto Edward's Branch Line. To cheer her up, Edward took her to meet Bill and Ben the Tank Engine Twins, who lived at the China Clay Works. Bill and Ben saw Rosie there.
  • Bill: Not a girl engine! I've never seen a female engine like this before!
  • Alec Baldwin: Squeaked Ben.
  • Ben: Her name is...
  • Alec Baldwin: Stuttered Ben.
  • Edward: Rosie!
  • Alec Baldwin: Finished Edward.
  • Edward: She is here to help you.
  • Bill: I've never seen a pink engine before!
  • Alec Baldwin: Bill chuckled.
  • Ben: She's a pink engine. Pink is a not proper for an engine.
  • Alec Baldwin: Ben teased. Rosie was cross.
  • Rosie: Would you stop teasing me?!
  • Alec Baldwin: She snapped.
  • Edward: Stop making fun of Rosie!
  • Alec Baldwin: Bellowed Edward. The twins puffed off, laughing. The quarry manager arrived.
  • Quarry Manager: Rosie, I need you to take some China clay cars to Brendam docks.
  • Rosie: Yes, sir.
  • Alec Baldwin: Rosie said. She was happy now. Meanwhile, a lorry was taking eggs and milk to from the dairy to the market. His driver didn't know he was low on fuel. It was, as the lorry pulled to the end of the crossing, it broke down. It's back wheels are on the left side of the rails. It's driver went for help. Suddenly, Rosie was puffing towards the level crossing.
  • Rosie: Must get there on time! Must get there in time!
  • Alec Baldwin: She huffed to herself. Then, she saw the lorry on her way. Her driver braked hard, but it was too late!
  • (crash)
  • Alec Baldwin: The driver and fireman jumped down to make sure Rosie wasn't hurt. She wasn't, but was covered in broken eggs. The lorry was badly damaged from the blow.
  • Rosie's Driver: You looked like a homlet.
  • Alec Baldwin: Said Rosie's driver.
  • Rosie: That wasn't funny!
  • Alec Baldwin: Rosie scoffed. As an scrambled egg dripped down her nose. She finished the Journey to the docks. Bill and Ben were already there.
  • Bill: What's this?
  • Alec Baldwin: Asked Bill.
  • Ben: It's a new engine, a yellow one!
  • Alec Baldwin: Teased Ben.
  • Bill: Well, if it was Rosie, she was eggs!
  • Alec Baldwin: Just then there was a gritting sound?
  • Bill: Are your joints, Ben?
  • Alec Baldwin: Asked Bill. But it wasn't Ben's joints, it was Rosie, lashing her teeth. It took a long time to clean Rosie, and the twins kept teasing him til Edward told them to stop.
  • Edward: A party of enthusiasts is coming soon!
  • Alec Baldwin: He said.
  • Edward: I shouldn't unless you behave.
  • Alec Baldwin: Bill and Ben were excited. It's always used to make their photographs. But that's another story.

Michael Angelis Narration

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