Rosie the Super Energetic Engine has worked her branch line for many years.

“You know exactly where to stop, Rosie!” laughed her driver. “You could almost manage it without me.”

Rosie had become conceited. She didn’t realize her driver was joking around.

“My driver says I don’t need her now.” she told the others.

“Don’t be so crazy.” snorted Duck.

“I would never go without my driver,” said Thomas honestly. “I would be terrified.”

Narrtor: "He was remembering a time he crased in the station master's house"

“Oh come on,” boasted Rosie. “I’m not terrified.”

“You would never dare!”

“I would then, you’ll just wait and see!”

It was very dark the next afternoon when the fire lighter came.

Rosie drowsed comfortably just as the warmth spread through her boiler.

She woke up again in daylight.

Thomas and Duck were still asleep.

Rosie suddenly remembered.

“Crazy stick-in-the-muds,” she chuckled. “I’ll show them!” “My driver hasn’t come back yet, so here it goes.”

She cautiously tried 1st 1 piston, then the other.

“They’re moving around, they’re moving around!” she whispered.

“I’ll just go out, then I’ll stop and ‘wheeeeesh’.” “That’ll make them jump.”

Very, very silently she headed for the door.

Rosie thought she was being very clever, but really she was only moving around ‘cause a careless cleaner was fooling around with her controls.

She soon found her terrible mistake.

She tried to ‘wheeeesh’, but she couldn’t.

She tried to whistle the warning, but she couldn’t.

She tried to stop, but she couldn’t.

She just kept rolling along.

“The buffers can stop me.” she thought hopefully, but that siding didn’t have any buffers at all, it just ended at the road.

Rosie’s wheels left the rails and crushed the tarmac.

“Yikes!” Rosie exclaimed in fear, and shut her eyes.

She didn’t dare to look at what was coming up next.

There was the yard mistress’s house.

The yard mistress's close family was about to have lunch.

They were eating grilled cheese sandwiches and beefaroni.


The entire house rocked, broken glass shattered, and plaster was all over the place.

Rosie had collected a shrub on her travels.

She peered anxiously into the room through its green leaves.

She couldn’t speak.

The yard mistress was furious.

Her husband picked up his plate.

“You crazy railroad engine,” he scolded. “Just look at what you did to our lunch!” “Now I'm gonna need to make some more.”

He banged the door.

More plaster fell from the ceiling.

This time, it fell right on Rosie.

Rosie was feeling very depressed.

The plaster was very tickly.

She wanted to sneeze, but she didn’t dare just in case the house fell right on her.

Nobody came for a very long time.

Everybody else was much too busy.

At last, the workmen propped up the house with strong poles.

They put out the rails through the garden, and Bill and Ben, puffing real hard, managed to take Rosie back to the round house.

"Don't embarrass yourself, Rosie, we'll soon have you back on the railroad tracks."

Her funnel was bent, bits of fencing, the shrub, and a broken window frame festooned her front, which was terribly twisted.

She looked very humiliated.

The little twin engines laughed and left her alone.

She was in a great disgrace.

“I can’t believe you would crash like that, Rosie.”

“I know, ma’am, I’m terribly sorry, ma'am.” Rosie’s voice was muffled behind her bush.

“You need to go to the works on the breakdown train, and have your front end mended. It’ll be a very long job.”

“Yes, ma'am ,” faltered Rosie.

“Meanwhile, said the Fat controllor's wife, “Daisy will do your work.”

“D-D-Daisy, ma’am?” Rosie spluttered in fear.

“Yes, Rosie, Daisy always stays in her diesel engine shed ‘til she’s wanted.” “Daisy never goes off to lunch in yard mistress's houses.” The Fat control's wife turned on her foot and walked away from Rosie.

End of Rosie’s side of the story sequence…………………………

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