Rosie Runs Away is a Potential Plotline episode.


Rosie, the new engine is working hard. She is however being cheeky, and annoying Spencer, Murdoch and Neville. Arthur offers to swap jobs with her, and they both succeed. Butt Rosie forgets Arthur's warnings about whistling to the signalman, and almost collides with Spencer who is carrying the Duke and Duchess. Rosie is so frightened that she runs away backwards down the line. She eventually is too tired to stop, and ends herself up in a sandbank. Spencer soon comes to her escue, and Rosie apologizes. She is still cheeky though, but is most careful when she goes on the main line.

Characters Featured

  • Featuring Arthur, Neville, Spencer, Murdoch, Rosie and Troublesome Trucks
  • Cameo by Bily with his coaches.


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