Rosie tells Bill and Ben the story about the time she was very brave enough to face terrible weather to help Percy, but Gordon wants to rest in the train engine shed, and sends them away. Rosie is fed up, and races over to the quay, to find the "DANGER" board Oliver had encountered. Rosie wants to see why the board is there, and asks the Freight Cars to push her past it, which is an unwise decision, just as the Freight Cars push Rosie into the water. The sailor (voice sounding like Popeye's voice) is fed up and disappointed, and Rosie needs to stay 'til high tide. When she is eventually rescued, Gordon has the last laugh when he hauls Rosie to the works.
Rosie Takes the Plunge (and other 'Thomas and Friends' adventure stories narrated by Pierce Brosnan)
Thomas and Friends the Magical Adventures
Release Date February 13, 2012
Format Close family film
Region Paramount Pictures/Warner Bros. Kids
Distributor Strand VCI Entertainment
Disc Count 6 Episodes
Episode Count 1. Rosie Takes the Plunge

2. Henry's Tightrope

3. No Jokes and Pranks for Duck

4. Something in the Sky

5. Neville in a Mess

6. Saved from the Scrap Yard

Running Time 10-15 Minutes and 32 2nds
Retail Price $26.17
Video The Lesson is: Obeying the Rules of Safety
Audio Audio Commentary with Pierce Brosnan and the producers

English Audio Spanish Audio French Audio German Audio Japanese Audio Chinese Audio

Subtitles English subtitles

Spanish subtitles French subtitles German subtitles Japanese subtitles Chinese subtitles

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