It was a sunny day on the Island Of Sodor. Rosie loved working in the sunshine, and she also liked to say hello to one of her friends as she puffed along.

Rosie (cheerfully): Good Morning, Isobella!

Isobella smiled at Rosie as she drove along.

Isobella (back): Hello, Rosie.

Rosie and Isobella are great friends. They toot hello to each other as they went by.

They liked to work hard all day.

One day, Rosie and Isobella had been working at the new community centre site. Now they were red in the face.

Isobella (groaning): My axles ache after all that working hard.

Rosie: Mine too.

Jack: You two should take a break. You need a rest.

Rosie puffed huffily and Isobella blushed brightly.

(Both): Thank you.

The next day, Isobella was taking metal poles and gate post for a new farm. Then, she began to brake down.

Isobella (sadly): Oh no! I will never get the poles and posts to the new farm now. I need taking for repair.

Then, Rosie pulled in.

Rosie (cheerily): I'll take the poles and posts for you.

Isobella felt happy to let Rosie help.

Isobella: Thank you, Rosie.

Then, Nelson arrived.

Nelson: Miss Jenny sent me to take you to be repaired.

Isobella couldn't believe what she had herd.

Rosie took the poles and post to the new farm building site and Nelson took Isobella to the repair yard.

Nelson: No more work for you today I'm afraid.

Isobella: That's OK, Nelson. Rosie's doing my job.

Rosie puffed in with the new poles and posts. Miss Jenny was worried.

Miss Jenny: Where is Isobella?

Rosie told Miss Jenny that Isobella had broken down.

Miss Jenny was surprised.

Rosie (to Miss Jenny): Nelson's taking her to be repaired. I'll go and see if she's OK.

Jack: Hooray for Rosie!

Rosie left the poles and posts and puffed away.

Isobella is at the repair shed. She was having her engine fixed by the workmen. Then Rosie chuffed in.

Isobella was delighted when she saw Rosie.

Rosie: Miss Jenny says that you'll be back at work as soon as you are fixed.

Thomas chuffed in.

Thomas: Hello, Rosie. The Fat Controller sent me to collect Byron and take him to the new farm building site. I hear you've been helping Isobella.

Rosie smiled from buffer to buffer; she felt very pleased with herself.

Later, Isobella was fixed. She was as good as new and was on her way back to work. Then, Rosie steamed alongside her.

Rosie: You're fixed!

Isobella smiled brightly. She knew Rosie was right.

Isobella (to Rosie): Thanks for your help. I couldn't have done it if it wasn't for you. We make a great team.

Rosie smiled at her good friend. She knew Isobella was right.

It's a good thing to be helpful.

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