Rosie is go to the Brendam docks and she got really exited to see new engine T.K. with all her friends.The fat controller give Rosie to see all the island with T.K. and Rosie was happy.First,Rosie pulls T.K. to the quarry.Rocky lift the lots of brick with Molly.T.K. say hello to Rocky and Rocky drops all the bricks into the Molly.Molly doesn't cross but she was clunky if she go forward or backward.Rosie was cross in T.K. but she knew T.K. is the new engine.Then she pulls T.K. to the Knapford Duck was there.He very sad and T.K. wants to makes Duck happy by tell a joke but that  joke doesn't make Duck happy but it makes he very worry about the way to go.Rosie pulls T.K. fast and go to the Whiff's waste dump and see Donald and Douglas .T.K. wants to be their friend then he had a new game for twin to chuff with half of all rubbish truck and pull friend,who pulled out of this lane that be lose.Finally Douglas can pull Donald off that lane but then Donald's rubbish truck  push him and Douglas out and fast to the Smelter's yard hill on the turning side and breaking all rubbish truck and the twin  down to the side.Rosie very cross in T.K. and doesn't want to go with him and chuff away to Knafford station Oliver saw her and very worry that she left the new engine and she back to find T.K. when she saw che chuff and rescue friends.


  • Rosie
  • Rocky
  • Molly
  • Duck
  • Donald and Douglas
  • Oliver
  • Thomas(carmeo)
  • James(carmeo)
  • Toby(carmeo)
  • Victor(does not speak)
  • Kevin(does not speak)

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