tomarmstrong14 and Startanica's movie spoof version of Thomas and Frineds in Lilo and Stitch Parod


  • Thomas as Stitch/626
  • Rosie as Lilo
  • Molly as Nani
  • Gordon as Jumba
  • James as Pleakley
  • Emily as Angel/624
  • Spencer as Gantu
  • Stanley as Reuben
  • Diesel 10 as Hamstervile
  • D261 as Evile/627
  • Edward as Yarrp/613
  • Henry as Sample/258
  • Mavis as Bonnie/149
  • Toby as Clyde/150
  • Stepney as Nosy/199
  • Percy as Fibber/032
  • Rheneas as Mr. Stenchy/254
  • Billy as PJ/133
  • Hank as Spike/319
  • Skarloey as Finder/158
  • Duncan as Retro/210
  • Sir Handel as Slick/020
  • Bulgy as Kixx/601
  • Arthur as Dupe/344
  • Duck as Sparky/221
  • Diesel as Leroy/629
  • Murdoch as Deforister/515
  • Kelly as Bugby/128
  • Oliver as Poxy/222
  • Mighty Mac as Swapper/355 (They are both two-faced)
  • Harold as Holio/606
  • Peter Sam as Shortstuff/297
  • Victoria (from RWS) as Victoria
  • Daisy as Mertle
  • Dennis as Felix/010

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